The smell of rich leather and gun oil greeted every customer stepping into Weatherby’s Sporting Goods in California, where the legend began. It wasn’t a big store, just 25′ x 70′, but it promised the beginning of something huge.

Thinker, Tinkerer, and Innovator

With a mind as fast as the cartridges he designed, Roy Weatherby relied on his trusty dictating machine (pictured) to document his rapid-pace innovations. He was a stickler for detail with all of his notes, memos, ballistic data and photographs.

Power on display

Roy destroyed a lot of things when testing his magnum cartridges, from watersoaked Los Angeles telephone books to bullet-proof glass – which his ammunition penetrated, by the way. To see the whole collection of Weatherby Cartridges, visit Ammunition.


Weatherby’s outgrew its space, and in 1951 relocated to Firestone Boulevard just around the corner from the old store. It housed the store, gun shops, offices and even a 100-yard underground rifle range. Sportsmen and women came from far and near to visit Weatherby’s.


Wanting a rifle that was a true extension of the shooter, Roy identified shortcomings in other bolt-action stocks. So he designed his own for exceptional fit, balance and identifiable style. With Weatherby’s hot cartridges, there came a need for a bolt-action capable of handling the magnum power. Behold, the Mark V action. With up to nine locking lugs and “overbuilt” craftsmanship, the Mark V design remains the strongest bolt-action rifle today.


In May of 1961, Weatherby and Fred Jennie had completed work on a prototype model .22 rimfire rifle which was to be called the Mark XXII. In December of 61′ the rifle was displayed at the National Sporting Goods Dealer Show. In excess of 800 orders were placed for the Mark XXII.

For Waterfowlers
and Upland Hunters


When Weatherby enthusiasts asked for a fast-pointing, smooth-swinging shotgun, Roy delivered with the first Weatherby over/under. Pumps and semi-automatics would soon follow, and today Weatherby shotguns are still revered for their dependability, fit and balance.

The Vanguard

For hunters loyal to non-Weatherby calibers, Roy didn’t want to leave them out of the family. So he introduced the Vanguard rifles chambered for some of the world’s most popular big game and varmint cartridges.


The Sightmaster Spotting Scope (1972), Premier Scope (1973), and Roof-Prism Binoculars (1978) all continued the growth of the Weatherby brand in the 1970s.

Weatherby Pistol

Only 200 Weatherby Silhouette Pistols were manufactured, making this unique handgun a rare and treasured collector’s item.

Family Leadership

In 1983, Roy passed the Weatherby torch to his son Ed. In the decades to follow under Ed’s leadership, Weatherby grew in both Mark V and Vanguard offerings, including the newest Vanguard rifles with guaranteed SUB-MOA accuracy. In addition to rifles, Weatherby’s ammunition, semi-auto and pump shotguns, accessories and apparel continue to delight sporting enthusiasts worldwide.

Weatherby Foundation International Presents:


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The Vanguard Camila

Named aptly after Camilla Weatherby, the graceful lines are befitting of the way the stock fits female shooters. The Camilla features a shortened 13” length of pull, slender forearm, a slimmer grip with a gentle palm swell, and a higher comb for optimal scope-eye alignment. The recoil pad is fitted with an ergonomic cant to nest into the way a woman’s shoulder is built.

Weatherby Family Leadership Transition

January 2017

Adam Weatherby

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Move to Wyoming

Weatherby has a distinguished history to honor, and Weatherby aimed to start the next chapter in Sheridan surrounded by people and groups who protect our sporting heritage.

Move In Day
March 1, 2019

Weatherby moved manufacturing into the new building located in Sheridan, Wyoming. Minutes from the Bighorn Mountains, grassland prairies, and endless river fishing access.

Exciting Future

Wyoming grants us the freedom to build for future generations and we invite you to stop by and experience it first hand.


A brand new line of Mark V rifles launches. After years of innovation and development, the Mark V® Backcountry Ti and 6.5 WBY RPM combination achieves the weight savings, ballistic performance, and price that cannot be found in a production rifle anywhere else.