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The Weatherby Vanguard Sporter is guaranteed to shoot a 3-shot group of .99″ or less at 100 yards (SUB-MOA) when used with specified Weatherby factory or premium ammunition. The Vanguard Sporter includes a match quality, two-stage trigger (adjustable down to 2.5 lbs.), Walnut Monte Carlo stock, a matte bead blasted blued finish and 3-position safety.


Barrel/Receiver/Trigger Guard – Matte, bead blasted, blued finish
Stock – Satin finish, Raised comb, Monte Carlo, Turkish A-grade walnut stock with rosewood forend cap

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Weatherby Vanguard Sporter Headline

  • Adjustable Match Quality, Two-stage Trigger
  • Fluted Bolt Body
  • One-piece Machined Bolt Body
  • Fully Enclosed Bolt Sleeve
  • Vanguard Recoil Pad
  • 3-Position Safety
  • Cold Hammer Forged Barrel
  • Integral Recoil Lug
  • Hinged Floorplate
  • #2 contour barrel

Barrel length is 26” for magnum chamberings & 24” for non-magnum and 240 Wby Mag



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64 reviews for Vanguard® Sporter

  1. Ontarget2

    Bought this rifle three years ago. Right out the box was accurate. Took 2 deer with it over the years. Took 2-Hogs with it in Texas in January. My friend on the same hunt used it to take a hog also. What a 2 day hunt. Rifle is 30-06. Great shooter and is a looker in the wood stock. I have two Weatherby Vanguards and they both perform great. Wouldn’t hesitate to buy another!!!

  2. Mark

    I’ve always wanted a Vanguard Sporter, and I’ve wanted a 243 since I was a teenager. A couple months ago when I found a Sporter in 243 online, it was a no brainer. This is my first Vanguard, but it certainly won’t be my last. This rifle launches 80-100 grain projectiles sub MOA all day long. Doesn’t need premium ammo either. Power-shok, Super-X, Core-Lokt, Norma Whitetail, doesn’t matter. .837″ with 80 grain Power-Shok is the largest group so far. This rifle is a tack driver with reloads. With 95gr. Nosler BT’s and 100gr. Speer Grand Slams, I’m getting 1/2″ groups at 100yrds. With 85gr. Barnes TSX I’m averaging .648″. Next step is to see what it will do out to 300yards. I love the traditional look of the walnut stock. The price was right too, which is great because I don’t own safe queens. This will be my new go to rifle for Whitetails. I’m also going to take it west on my next Pronghorn hunt, and may even see how 100gr. Partitions do on Mule Deer. If you don’t own a Vanguard yet, and are in the market for a new rifle, do not hesitate to “add to cart”.

  3. Carson Howe

    Just got my first vanguard sporter in 223 rem stock was so beautiful I thought there must have been a mistake and I received Weatherby sporter but low and behold there was the vanguard stamp on the barrel I could not be happier with my decision to go with Weatherby rather than any other brand

  4. Dave Wagner

    This is my first Weatherby vanguard sporter in .308. I shot it the other day and believe me this gun is accurate, I put 3 rounds through the same hole at 100 yards after dialing in the vortex 4×12. The dial in only took 3 rounds to get to center. I have other 308’s that I will not name that do not shoot this good out of the box. Also after shooting 35 rounds no should pain as with my friends that were shooting 270’s. of another brand who are still in pain. Whats really bad is I can’t find Weatherby clothing in Houston to buy. Also Weatherby should put a sticker in the box with every new gun purchased, it would look great on my car window and one on my gun safe would be awesome to, Just a thought Weatherby !!!!

  5. bruce

    I now own 3 of these sporters one in 257 wea ,300 win and a 300 wea all of then will put 3 rounds in under 3/4 inch at 100 yards using wea ammo have owned mark 5s in the past before they got ripped off 🤬 i must say the vanguards are just if not more accurate at more than 1/2 the cost all i can tell a future buyer is this rifle is a no brainer BUY !!!

  6. Deebee

    I bought mine many years ago in 257 cal. The stock is well polished walnut, the bluing is deep, and the machining on the bolt reeks with quality. It feeds from the magazine effortlessly and is as handsome a rifle as you’ll ever see. I’m going to get another in 223 this year. The 257 mag does recoil and it spits fire out the muzzle and will blow the wax outta your ears. It also deposits the bullet where you the shooter intended. Fast, flat, reasonably light weighted. It’s a great rifle.

  7. Toby Wipf

    I bought a .300 Win. Mag. in the Sporter in November of 2016. Shoots great and looked great. Only con is the stock is not very durable. Scratches very easily and wood is soft compared to a mark v that I can’t afford. Would have rather went with a synthetic stock. Still looks fine and shoots great regardless of looks. I just like all my guns looking nice and kept up. Would definitely recommend!

  8. John L.

    My Vanguard was a gift from my brother who won it in a raffle. It has been fitted w/ a Leupold V-X1, 3×9. After working through the reloading process to find a suitable load the rifle is partial to 150 gr bullets. It shoots both boat-tail spitzers and round nose 150s with the same point of aim w/ accuracy at 100mt producing sub one inch groups consistently. I keep looking for another rifle for deer/elk but why try to fix something the isn’t broke. A 300 Win Mag may be bigger but not necessarily better. A well placed shot trumps a bigger caliber.

  9. Corey

    Bought one of these at Walmart in 270 for $350. Had been watching it for months and it kept going down in price til I pulled the trigger on it. Topped it with a Nikon Monarch 3 2.5-10, with Vanguard Talley rings, and it instantly became my favorite rifle.

    Recoil is nominal. Even comparing the same caliber to other brands. Got done with break in, started sighting in and the thing shoots better than any other rifle I own. Even my other Vanguards.

    Incredible value, and performance.

    Only con, is I’m scared to take it to the woods! It’s too pretty!

  10. baby

    It is the most remarkable rifle if ever had and i would suggest it to anyone.It han exseptional accuracy and such a good finish on its stock.

  11. BryanC

    I bought a Vanguard Sporter in the spring of 2017, and i love it! Great fit n finish, very pretty rifle. Has excellent trigger, once u get use to the 2 stage. Mine is a 25-06 Rem. Only ammo i have used so far is 117grn Hornady American Whitetail. At 100 yards i can put 5 rounds in a circle the size of a silver dollar. In my opinion, thats pretty dang good. I definitely will buy another one. Jus need to decide on caliber. Thanks Weatherby for a great rifle. Not bad for $640 plus tax.

  12. BryanC

    I bought a Vanguard Sporter in the spring of 2017, and i love it! Great fit n finish, very pretty rifle. Has excellent trigger, once u get use to the 2 stage. Mine is a 25-06 Rem. Only ammo i have used so far is 117grn Hornady American Whitetail. At 100 yards i can put 5 rounds in a circle the size of a silver dollar. In my opinion, thats pretty dang good. I definitely will buy another one. Jus need to decide on caliber. Thanks Weatherby for a great rifle. Not bad for $640 plus tax.

  13. BenjiMac

    It took a while to be sure, but mine is a Sporter not the Deluxe. I like the matte finish on the Sporter better, the wood is beautiful. Mine is .338 Win Mag which is what I was looking for, perfect for a bear rifle although I do not expect to ever see a bear at my hunting place! Anyway, it shoots great and with the heavy weight does not recoil unreasonably. I shoot ammo that I reload with Woodleigh heavy round nose bullets for extreme knockdown power at short distances in the woods. The dealer installed a Nikon ProStaff 4-12x scope which also works.

  14. Jon

    Love it.

  15. John L.

    Gun was won in a raffle & given to me by my brother. Out of the box it handles custom 30-06 loads in a 150 gr. Sierra BTHP consistently under 1 inch at 150 yds. At 100 yds a nickel will cover a 3-shot group. There is no better cartridge than the 30-06 and no better rifle than a Weatherby.

  16. Jay

    Absolutely love my .270 Vanguard. Got mine with the wood stock and its a beautiful rifle that shoots amazing. Killed many of deer with it and now looking to get one for both my sons. Recoil isn’t bad at all and is deadly with Hornady SP 130 grain ammo! Have only had to blood trail 1 deer I killed with it and he only ran 50 yards. Its more about shot placement but believe me this is a fine rifle!!

  17. Paul

    I bought my .257Wby Vanguard in ’02 or ’03,
    Only paid $399. Mine is not the Sub MOA model, but definitely shoots Sub MOA. I have killed dozens of Whitetails, hogs, and coyotes from 25yds to 303yds. I have many other rifles, but this one is my favorite.

  18. Logan

    2016 was my first solo hunt, and I was able to bag a nice 7pt whitetail here in Mississippi.
    My sporter was a Christmas gift from my Grandfather, got it chambered in 7mm rem mag, and paired with a Nikon Pro-Staff 3-9×50.
    I would recommend this rifle to anyone looking for a gun that will rise above the others.
    Shoots great, hits hard, looks beautiful, and is going to help me create many memories with my Grandfather.
    Thank You Weatherby, and GodBless!

  19. Logan. E.D

    This year I turned fourteen and for Christmas my Grandfather(who has owned a weatherby for years) got me a weatherby of my own, I love it.
    It’s beautiful, fun to shoot, and is something I will cherish forever.
    I would recommend the sporter to anyone who is looking for something that will look beautiful, and shoot great.
    I would like to thank my grandfather for a Christmas i’ll never forget,
    And weatherby for a rifle that will ensure many great memories with my Grandfather.

  20. Piper Preston

    I ordered it thru a local FFL dealer on Friday, 26 May, 2017. Arrived a week later at my dealer for pickup.Took it to the range the next day. I was more than pleased with its hard-hitting power along with clear sub-MOA, showing consistent 1-inch shot groupings at roughly 100 yds. I had a Mark V years ago, and would surely have held on to it had it not been stolen. Since then I dreamed of a day when I could own another Weatherby. After learning about the founder’s Vanguard model, I made it a point to save my money until I could buy one. I am proud of it, and intend to keep it as my favorite rifle till the good Lord finally calls me away from it. I would recommend this rifle to anyone who is looking for one that shoots flat, straight, and hard same as this rifle is advertised!

  21. Shane

    I have had my 25-06 weatherby vanguard for two years, In this caliber it is by far the most awsome rifle they I have owned in over 40 years of hunting. I was so impressed that I replaced my old 22-250 with a new vanguard this year.

  22. Lefty

    I came across a brand new Vanguard years ago and bought it with trepidation. it was chambered in .300 Win. Mag. and fitted with a 6x Leupold scope and mounts. I say trepidation because the price tag on the rifle was $264.00. I did not need this rifle mainly because I am left handed but I bought it anyway, along with 3 boxes of Winchester 180 gr. ammunition. I have a Savage 110 in 7mm Rem. Mag. that kicks like a mule, so I wore plenty of padding when I took the Vanguard to the range. What a pleasant I received when the recoil was no more than that from my Rem. 700BDL in .270 Win. And, the accuracy was unbelievable. I fired two 5-shot strings and each group could be covered with a nickel. I was really surprised by the pleasant recoil because I am 6′-8″ tall and a standard length of pull is almost always uncomfortable to shoot. My rifles have all been custom stocked for that reason. Anyway, the $264.00 price tag was an error on the dealer’s part and an incentive to make some money, which I did a few years later. This Vanguard made me wish I was right handed because besides being beautiful and extraordinarily accurate, it would be the only rifle I own. Kudos on a job well done and I apologize for taking so long to say so.

  23. wldtrky

    I was tired of getting knocked around by my old Savage 300 Win Mag, just getting old I guess, lol. I bought 1 of these in .308 Stainless Wood. Beautiful and what a shooter ! 1/2 MOA out of the box @ 100 yards. Wife decided she was going to hunt and stole my new rifle. Well…. I bought another 1, blued wood, but this 1 I bought in 300 Win Mag. I guess old habits are hard to break ! Sub MOA all day long, if you can shoot it all day, but if you do your job, the rifle does its job. Neither had the Sub MOA guarantee, but both shot better than that ! Well worth the price, great looking and awesome shooters !

  24. kwex

    have a vanguard in 6,5×55 and i love it. i shall never sell it

  25. DanielL

    I’ve had mine for several years in a .300 Win Mag. Accurate and reliable. Looks as good as it did the day I got it. My boys are finally big enough to shoot it. Took them out and they nailed target at 180yds! Can’t recommend it enough! Excellent quality and reliable at a great price!

  26. JOHNNY D

    I have owned many high end rifles, Sako AV, Sako 75, Sako 85 Tikka T3, Blaser R8, and on and on, but I have come to the conclusion that the Weatherby Vanguard Sporter rifle is the best value in a rifle on the market today. Just purchased the True North edition made for Wholesale Sports in Canada and cannot wait to hit the range. Keep up the good work Weatherby

  27. BUBBA

    I bought my Mark V 2 yrs ago. I put the Leupold 4.5X14 with the illuminated reticle and side focus on it. I also added a muzzle break. Love this rifle it is my go to favorite rifle.

  28. Eddy

    Got the .223 for varmints. Shoots flat. Comes up fast and solid. Walnut makes a nice stable platform that is real steady off the shoulder. Just a fine rifle all the way around. Smooth bolt action. Never fails to cycle. I will buy another caliber, same gun for sure.

  29. Mountainman

    Thank you weatherby for constructing such a high quality rife 3 shot group out of the box 300 yards was amazing have killed most every north land big game with no issues

  30. Mickey1255

    I have a hard to come by 30/06 sporter deluxe, with a Trijicon 4-16 x 50 accupower. I bought this gun with the intentions to paint it, but have not been able to bring myself to cover such a great looking piece of wood. This rifle loved the Winchester silver tips in 150gr. Sub moa at all ranges. Paired with the Trijicon it’s truly amazing. Bought this to take the abuse of hunting away from my Belgian BAR in 300 win mag. But this gun is just as beautiful and as respected by me. Guess I need to buy a beater of a gun instead. Not! These guns are made to shoot! Paint can cometh.

  31. BWRich

    I have 3 Vanguard Sporters. A 300 WBY, a . 300 WSM SS and a 270 WSM !
    I love them all ,my fave is the 300 WBY. All are deadly accurate and never give a problem. I check them at the range every fall and rarely have to make an adjustment. I Highly recommend this rifle for price,accuracy and reliability.

  32. SCgman

    I don’t own the S2 version of the Vanguard but have purchased 2 of the older S1s as the model was being phased out. The S1s are both shooters and, with the upgraded trigger and safety, my first recommendation to any first time buyer is go check out the new vanguards. I really don’t think there is a better value for the dollar starting out. Put decent optics on one of these and it will serve you well for a lifetime.


    THIS IS MY SIXTH WEATHERBY (accumark) in my safe, 4 7mm’s, 1 300 weatherby, and one 22-250. I am already thinking 6.5-300 weatherby.
    Do I love Weatherby’s? aaaa yeah.

  34. Fireman22

    Bought my .270 about 7 years ago…. this gun still does not disappoint. Made it through 3 moves and still shoots a 6 shot group at 100 with the holes almost touching shooting federal 130 grain ammo. Have a red field 3-9×50 scope mounted in leupold mounts and rings. Such a reliable firearm I can’t wait to purchase smaller calibers for my boys. I won’t own anything but a weatherby in terms of hunting firearms. Worth every penny

  35. Chumlaw

    I retired in 2010 and recieved a Bass Pro gift card from co-workers. I purchased a Vanguard in 257 with plastic stock, just to play with the caliber. First shot at a deer harvested a 5 x5 muley at 403 yards, with about a 20 mph wind. Second deer was a bigger 5 x 4 muley at 206 yards. Third deer was a basket 8 whitetail at about 150 yards. not missed one yet. Shot the gun this week in prep for deer gun in Oklahoma and holy toledo, with the promotional Weatherby ammo and my own reloads the biggest group I shot was a 3/4 inch group. The 257 has a recoil about the same as a 30-06 which to me is about recoil nuetral so no big deal at all. I also have a Mark V Deluxe in 300 Wby, which does have recoil and only gets out for elk season. The 257 is the absolute best round for anything from big muleys, whitetail, antelope, on down to long range coyotes… can’t find a better wind bucking round for coyotes. Now, I became a 30-06 fan in about 1976 and killed close to a 100 big animals with that round, but it never comes out of the safe since the 257 showed up. Dont even think about the 25-06, just that extra 150-200 fps makes all the difference, and if you reload you can make cases out of 7mm mag with one time thru the sizing die and reloading cost is not much more. Love the Vanguard and love the 257..

  36. Scout

    weather it hunting deer elk bear pig and or any other animal this is the right ticket for the right game and the right game rifle is the Weatherby rifle and the mark of excllents for the hunting man or woman short brief and to the point
    sign don kunkel Napa ca. 94559

  37. Maintenance Man 5000

    I bought this rifle in a 270 win. And put a Nikon 3×9 and man does this rifle shoot accurate right out of the box. I shot a six shot group at 100yds. and made one big hole and only ten shots total out of a new gun with Winchester power points. Shoots great and looks great wish it came with a sling but I bought a Weatherby one and it’s grade A to match a grade A rifle. Look out Pa Bucks!

  38. Tony

    Ive owned this gun ( a 30-06 ) since 1984. Ive tried to replace it but have’nt found a gun to match it. Its been used in all weather conditions and has never failed me. If you have the chance to own one don’t pass it up. It makes me look like some great marksman , and i’m not.

  39. Rick

    I just bought my second Weatherby 257. I enjoy shooting the 257 and it is my favorite rifle. I will keep both of them because how do you get rid of a good friend.

  40. Jim

    Bought in 270 and really like thanx to weatherby

  41. Buford

    My dad has a 7mm and I shoot the weatherby over my ruger .308. It was givin to my dad by his father and it has killed more deer and elk than his savage 300 win mag I am currently going to take it on my cow elk hunt. Pay the money for the best gun you will ever own

  42. Dave

    The wood is beautiful and the craftsmanship is superb. I am proud to carry such a professionally built rifle is the woods. It’s the envy of my hunting group and everyone wants to shoot it. Great job Weatherby.

  43. Maine Guide

    Purchased mine in 30-06 last spring. Fit and finish very good. Best hunting trigger I have ever used. Very precise; no problem achieving sub moa with several different ammo choices. Feeds and ejects positively and smoothly. Well designed stock with nice wood. This rifle is well balanced and a pleasure to shoot. What more could you ask for in a rifle that is also reasonably priced?

  44. Kate

    I’ve been a shooter for a long time, and this has to be the best firearm I’ve ever owned. It makes me look like a proper markswoman, and it’s never once gone wrong. It’s great value, looks good, and shoots beautifully. Recoil is fine for a smallish/average sized woman like me, and even with the full wooden stock, it’s not heavy and the longer barrel is very manageable. Overall, I highly recommend it, and have just convinced my father, a committed Remington 700 man, to switch to the Weatherby Vanguard.

  45. Caden

    My friend has one I’ve shot it a couple of times I realy liked it and hope to buy one myself

  46. MarkP

    I received this as a Christmas present from my wife in 2008 (30-06) along with a leupold scope. This Is by far the best rifle I have owned. At 100 yards I can pretty much hit bullet hole for bullet hole. Again don’t hesitate just buy it, you won’t regret it. —Mark P—

  47. Rick

    I bought one of these in .270 Win. about 35 years ago, paid $270 for it. It was the best move I could have made. All this time later it still performs superbly, (3 shots into 3/8″ at 100 Yds.), looks great, and has not changed its point of impact since I developed a good load for it and sighted it in. It’s one of those guns you can grab off the rack with a couple boxes of cartridges and head out with confidence. Last time I shot it at longish range it gave me a 31/2″ 5 shot group at 600 Yds.

  48. swoopsdad

    I bought this rifle chambered in 338 win mag with a laminate stock. It’s a work of art as well as a finely crafted tool. I can shoot a 4″ group in the kill zone at 600 yards everytime. If the bullet misses the mark it’s the shooters fault not the rifle!! Season the barrel as suggested by the manufacturer and this rifle will last you a lifetime. Best investment I ever made for shooting.


    I own 4 and all shoot clover leaf groups right out of the box….Put a good scope on 1 and you would set life.great rifle.I well by more in the future.

  50. dan

    Is this rifle a series two?

  51. chico85

    Purchased the gun in 1983 for $360 retail. Love the gun. Very accurate. Little heavy. 30-06. Reloaded Nosler Balistic Tip 165 gr. when I started out. Federal sells this bullet so I buy now. Shot a few Mule Deer in Northern California last 30 years. Works great and looks good. Leopold VX II 3×9 purchased same time purchased gun. Works fine.

  52. Dave

    Recently purchased this gun in .243. Now I know why my brother has three Weatherby rifles. Solid craftsmanship, and the machine work is impeccable. Thank you Weatherby for not compromising on quality. A quick sight in and sub MOA groups are standard with this gun. Next is a .308 vanguard for me.

  53. Sniper 338

    This is a very nice shooting rifle. Its sub 1inch at 100yds in 30-06 and friendly to shoot in that caliber.

  54. Will A

    I have had these 2 calibres for quite a few years now and cannot fault them ,I run Leupold scopes and they.both group really well can shot rounds through the same hole repeatedly at 100mtrs ( used on goats and pigs ) very pleased with weatherby rifles

  55. Don

    Bought it 5 years ago. 270 Win. Easily shoots moa. groups strait from box. Only criticism is it’s a bit heavy.

  56. Shane

    I purchased my sporter in 25-06 for roo shooting, great quality rifle and really accurate. I am so happy with it that I bought another sporter in 22-250

  57. Patrick

    I have killed several with mine chambered in .308. It also dropped my biggest buck yet.

  58. Boyd

    Purchased a Vanguard Sporter in 2013 in 257 WM. Shoots 3/4″ groupes at 100 yrds With hand loads I can get 3365 ft/sec with 120gr bullets. Great rifle and caliber. Now if only we can convince Weatherby to chambber the 7mm WM in the Vanguard line

  59. DT

    This rifle is my favorite out of my collection. If i do my part i can stack 3 round groups in one hole at 100 yards. I am not a great shot the weapon just feels good when i shoot.I have my rifle chambered in .243 win.Great gun!!! I don’t have much experience with other modern day bolt guns but this weapon makes me not want to try the rest.

  60. Jay

    I have a .270 win and love it, I have harvested 5 elk and 8 deer with this beautiful rifle topped with a vortex hs 4-16×44 shooting 130gr Barnes tsx with 54gr H4350

  61. Opa2

    I will say that my 270 shoots like a dream with hornady 130 grain sst bullets use a leupold vx7 and shoot always sub moa

  62. stanleygks

    I have two Sporters. Both shoot well under MOA. Fit and finish are excellent. One has pretty but plain wood and the other has gorgeous wood.

  63. JC

    Had this gun for the past seven years. Shot three deer with it. Always works no matter the conditions. I reload and takes my reloads with no problem. 50c groups at 200 yards.

  64. Shooter63

    I bought this rifle chambered in 7mm Rem Mag. Overall i am very happy with it. My only complaint is that it is supposed to be an A grade walnut but the rifle i received has a 2″ x 1.5″ area on the right side of stock near the bolt handle that has a green/grey shading to it that basically ruins the beauty of the stock. The trigger is great and very crisp break. I use 140gr Winchester silver tips and it will shoot sub moa

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