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The Vanguard Camilla Rifle—“designed by women, built by Weatherby”—incorporates a high comb, along with a number of other features that make this rifle superbly comfortable to shoot. Aptly named after the first lady of Weatherby. I am designed by women, for women, and will fit you as a rifle should.


Barrel/Receiver/Trigger Guard – Matte, bead blasted, blued finish
Stock – Satin finish, Turkish A-grade walnut with rosewood forend and grip caps

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Superbly comfortable rifle to shoot

The Vanguard Camilla Rifle—“designed by women, built by Weatherby”—incorporates a high comb, along with a number of other features that make this rifle superbly comfortable to shoot. The buttstock is angled away from the body, which is a better fit for the female anatomy and nestles easily into the shoulder. The slim pistol grip has a shorter grip-to-trigger reach, ideal for slightly smaller hands, and the 13-inch length of pull (LOP) and slender fore-end reduce overall weight and length without compromising feel and balance. A combination that makes this a super-fast-handling rifle that is also easy to carry.




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33 reviews for Vanguard® Camilla™

  1. Mike S.

    I bought a Camilla in 7MM-08 for my daughter so she could come pig hunting with me. She is 5’1” and barely tops 100lbs. The balance and ergonomics of this rifle were exactly what she needed. She loves her “Cami” (as she calls it) and has pig hunted two years in a row with me. It is a very precise and accurate little rifle, and with it she’s felled some sizeable animals. Most of all, her confidence soared when she wasn’t forced to focus her attention on trying to make a man’s rifles work for her frame. Instead -both on the range and in the field- she is able to concentrate on her breathing and trigger control. Matched with a Leopoldo VX-3 its been a very successful combo. Yes, these rifle are a little on the pricey side. But its much cheaper than customizing a rifle to achieved the same desired result. Also the craftsmanship of checkering and flourishes are a nice touch and give this ladies’ rifle a refined and feminine look.

  2. Lisa Atkin

    I do not own one but have the pleasure of shooting the 6.5 Creedmore every year at Ladies Hunting Camp in Oregon. Each year I challenge this rifle more and more in its performance, and every year I am impressed. Sporting a Leupold VX3 scope, this rifle quickly moves from target to target with reloading speed and ease. It is well balanced in weight allowing for accurate shooting off hand, prone, bench or with sticks. Shorter stock makes this a great option for us women hunters. Highly recommend.

  3. Ashlynn

    We purchased the Camilla 2 ½ years ago and we were instantly in love! The wood grain is beautiful and the rifle itself shoots accurately! I am a bit smaller than other people are ( I’m 4’11”) and this rifle works well
    even for me. It is chambered in 7mm-08 and I recently took down my first elk with this rifle in one shot. The trigger is nice at a wonderful midpoint and I don’t feel like my rifle moves too much when I pull the trigger. The bolt works smoothly and I have not had a jam or misfire with this rifle. Overall I would recommend this rifle to anyone interested in taking down big game with a rifle that still has manageable recoil. I also have the accubrake installed and that makes it feel like a little bit heavier than a 5.56. I love this rifle and I can’t wait to use it more in the future!!

  4. Dwilks

    This is a nice rifle shoots well. This is my most expensive rifle I own wish I went with the “riflemans rifle” for one reason this rifle has a plastic floor plate between mounting a nice scope and buying the rifle I had 1000 into it and it has a plastic floor plate. Other than that shoots nice nice action but a plastic floor plate should have never been installed in a 800 dollar rifle

  5. Lucky winner @ Friends of NRA Banquet

    I won this at a Friends of the NRA banquet and it is not a miniaturized rifle, I look at it as a carbine that fires 7mm 08 rifle ammunition. It’s light, handy and hits under MOA easily past 100 yards. My wife isn’t a hunter, but we both take it to the range and she can out shoot me with it; part of that is the build dimensions of the rifle, and the other part is the moderate recoil and muzzle blast. It has a special set of adornments in the NRA serial number and an engraved magazine floorplate with the NRA seal in gold inlay that compliments the style and graceful lines of the walnut stock. Guys, don’t be afraid to share this one with her – if you do you will be missing the mark on what could be the most accurate center-fire rifle you ever fired. I think this is an underrated rifle and well worth considering even if you are a guy. It does not scream GIRLS ONLY, but it was designed to please the female shooter – and it does everything a fine centerfire rifle in this caliber class is supposed to do right and nothing it isn’t supposed to do.

    Win one or buy one, you are a winner either way.

  6. Butter

    I am a Deerslaying Woman.. I am proud of my Camilla 7mm08. It’s accurate,light weight. Smooth.
    Get u one!!

  7. Rooney

    Bought this rifle 18 months ago in .308 Winchester because I liked the look of it and the calibre. Put about two hundred rounds through it to date. Best 3 shot group measures less than .3″ with 155 grain match bullets. Great wood on the stock as well. This rifle shoots on par with my old MkV.

  8. Hinch

    I ordered this pretty little gun for my wife 2 years ago, just last week we finally dug it out of the safe and broke it in. It fits her perfectly, she love the fit and feel of it and the weight! and it shoots amazing, she shot a .5″ group with set of handloads i built for it!
    Thanks again Weatherby!

  9. Snarf from Minnesota

    Bought this rifle in 6.5 creedmore it literally shoots just as well as my accumark, my daughter absolutely loves this rifle my 8 year old son shoots it also. It fits both of them just perfect can’t go wrong buying this rifle, thanks again weatherby for another amazing rifle.

  10. KMH Australia

    My wife is tall and lean. Having tried many a rifle brand and stock dimensions I bought her a Camilla. It fits her perfectly. I noticed that when she lifts the rifle it naturally sits and conforms bringing eye and scope to alignment. She is no longer making adjustments and fidgeting to get the rifle into a comfortable position. The quality of walnut and rosewood fit is as expected of a Weatherby rifle. We have three others already and I am a big fan and so now is my wife. If she is not picking it up and shouldering it to simply admire, it is now with her constantly as we traverse our property and its many hills. More importantly, my wife enjoys the experience so much more and the confidence the rifle stock design has instilled is very evident. Our 12 yo daughter now wants one for our deer stalking sojourns, having tested her mothers. As with every Weatherby, they are an investment in so much more than just the rifle, which in itself is a quality investment not just a tool. Thank you again Adam and your extended team for having the forethought and commercial guts to make these rifles a reality.

  11. Michigan hunter

    Picked this rifle up last year in 708 for my wife. It fit her perfectly and she decided this fit her best after shouldering 20+ guns. Two things right off the bat that this gun is lacking are a nice recoil pad, and a very nice trigger. I sent it to a gunsmith and had them install a 1 inch limbsaver grind to fit recoil pad and a 2lb timney trigger. These 2 modifications made night and day difference. With handloaded 140 gr accubonds and a bipod this gun shoots half moa 5 shot groups and is fun for her to shoot. She rings a 8 inch plate at 600 yards 10/10 time on a regular basis. She shot a 130 class whitetail this past season at 426 yards and hit it perfectly and the buck dropped in his tracks. Overall I am very impressed with this rifle, it is the first weatherby in our gun safe, and definitely won’t be the last. If your wife needs a rifle, this is the one she needs to try, it will fit like a glove.

  12. Steve

    Purchased the Camilla in 7mm 08 and my wife could not be happier. The fit and finish for this level of firearm is amazing. My wife said the rifle just feels right and should help her confidence in well placed shots. Added a Zeiss 4-14 50mm scope which will make this rifle a great all around hunting tool.

  13. BadBobTheAlbino

    My Wife tried several other rifles (including a Vanguard 2) for an upcoming caribou hunt in Alaska. She’s small so we had the Vanguard cut down to fit her but this made it ‘barrel-heavy’. When we saw the Camilla, she shouldered it and we ordered one in .308 Win. immediately. She tried several bullets/weights and found ‘the’ one her rifle likes. Off to Alaska and one shot at 225 yards downed a very respectable bull caribou. A few weeks later, she bagged an 80.5″ buck pronghorn. Excellent fit, form & function. This is THE only rifle she will ever use.

  14. MDZ

    Purchased the Camilla in 7mm/08. At the range it consistently shoots 1/4 inch groups at 100 yards using nosler 120 grain ballistic tip factory ammo! Overall fit, finish excellent, and very well balanced. Very impressed, can’t wait for hunting season!

  15. KimfromMontana

    I didn’t realize I had never shot a rifle that fits until I shot my Camilla. I am in love! It is beautiful and a perfect fit. I cannot say enough positive things about this gun!

  16. wonderfully surprised!

    Hunted with a .300 Mark 5 for 35 years and now I’m 76, felt I needed a smaller lighter Weatherby. The 243 Camilla shoots true with a crisp trigger. Love it. Can’t wait for OR deer season.


    My wife has shot dozens of different rifles, this is the ONE and ONLY that seems specifically tailored to her.

    Trigger is amazing, action smooth, I cant believe all this for the low price point.


  18. BoB

    Very Good Looking Rifle. l went to the Pennsylvania Gunsmith School and Built by hand 12 Custom Rifles for people. This one looks a little like one I built.

  19. FLAMAN

    I purchased the camilla in 6.5 creedmoor for my 12yo son and 11yo daughter. Put the Talley light weight, low rings and a leupold vx-2 3x9x40 on. Purchased the Hornady 120 eld m factory rounds. Sighted in at 150yrds and was suprised how well it shot. 3 separate 1/2inch groups at 150. Recoil is more than my daughter can handle, so I am going to load some of the 100gr ELD M myself for her. This was my first Weatherby purchase as I have been a rem 700 man my whole life. I am very pleased with the rifle and will not hesitate to recomend to my friends.

  20. JOY7777

    I bought this Rifle and i waited a long time for it to come but , i can say that is was very much worth the wait , it is a smooth rifle and i love the way it fits into my small hands and how it just suits me when i handle it !!! I also love the way the manager at weatherby handled my concerns , Judy was kind and understanding when it came to my concerns and she handled them very well , they gave beautiful customer service and i will definitely go through weatherby again !!!

  21. ShooterB

    Great to see more rifles dedicated for female frames

  22. SG

    Hoping for a left-handed model!

  23. PMR

    The Camilla LOP 13″ and smaller stock is perfect for my daughter and son in .243 Results at the range were outstanding. We are excited to get this into our collection and in the field soon.

  24. Jane F.

    I used this new rifle wth 85g TSX bullets to take a jackal, warthog, oryx, blue wildebeest, impala, and a hyena.

    I had my doubts about this caliber, but I’m recoil sensitive from shoulder surgery and bought it.

    This gun/bullet performed flawlessly. If you do your job, this rifle will too.

  25. Cat

    So I finally got to take my new rifle out to sight it in. I am 5ft (barely 95lb women) Ordered the Camilla in a .308, This rifle is like it was made for me fits me like a glove. I was so impressed with how smooth this rifle shot! No need to downgrade to a youth model for my small ladies Weatherby hit the nail on the head with this Rifle I hope they come out with more made for women! The only and I mean only thing I was a little upset about is the color of the rifle is not as pretty as shown in picture. But you can’t beat the quality this rifle has and I didn’t buy it for it’s looks, just wish it was the lightness of the wood and the grain on mine seems to run differently as well.

  26. curmudgeon

    Don’t see why ladies and younger folks get to enjoy this rifle all by themselves. I know an old guy who may very well buy one of these and use it himself. I just hope the word “Camilla” isn’t engraved on the darn thing.

  27. Sherrie

    I first heard of the Camilla through a NRA email for a training with Barbara Weatherby. Finding this firearm in Upstate New York was extremely difficult, no one had even heard of it and when they called their distributors no one had it. This fueled my passion to find and purchase this gun. A local gun shop called me after about ten days and told me his distributor had finally found one, did I want it? Of course I want it! The shop owner was not going to stock this gun so I gave him a deposit committing to buy it no matter what. I had full confidence that I would fall in love with this firearm when it came in because of the reviews, the video and the write up on the Camilla. I’ve always just made do and have never been fully comfortable with any gun I tried. That all changed when I picked up my Camilla. This gun fits and is so comfortable, finally a gun made for a woman that’s beautiful to boot! The icing on the cake though was getting the free Leupold scope (#54 of 100).
    BTW my husband also likes the fit and feel of my gun, to bad for him. . . .this one is mine!

  28. Sam

    I was somewhat skeptical when I first saw a gun “for women”, having been a woman and doing a lot of shooting my whole life and not yet quite finding a need to have a gun just for girls. Well, turns out I was wrong. I waited patiently to get my .308, and I’m sure glad I did. The stock fits me better than any other rifle I own, the weight of it helps with my barrel movement from standing shots. I’m really impressed with this gun in ways I definitely didn’t expect!

  29. Duke

    I’m a guy and the look of this rifle caught my attention….attractive rifle. I can’t help but wonder how it handles. My wife could use another rifle, why not a new Weatherby.

  30. Larry

    I picked up a Camilla in .308 Winchester for my wife; she has a Weatherby Orion that she loves to shoot for pheasant hunting. Anyways with the free offer of a Leupold scope took it out to the range to sight it in for her. We bought some Hornady Custon Lite 125 grain SST loads. After sighting it in with 3 rounds at 100 yards, I shot 2 rounds touching, then a 3 shot group of 3/4 inches. All I can say is “WOW!!!”. Weatherby hit it out of the park with this rifle for the ladies!

  31. EDJ

    The rifle looks beautiful. Mine is in .243 and it shoots great. The palm swell fits my hand perfectly. I like how thin the stock is, it fits me better than my other full sized rifles. Its an excellent sized rifle to get the whole family shooting, it’s not too big or too small.

  32. CMD90

    I purchased this gun almost a month ago. It is awesome! It’s light weight, there is little recoil and it is a very accurate gun. My husband was surprised when he shot it and got jealous that my new rifle is better than his 😉 I would 100% recommend this gun for any woman!

  33. D

    Nice to see you added something for women. Our hands are typically smaller, and we tend to hold a rifle all together different. I’m sure this is a great gun for a lady to have to hunt with.

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