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Hey, like you I understand the value of a hard-earned dollar. That’s why I deliver proven Weatherby performance at a price that’ll let you buy more hunting gear.

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The Weatherby Element Synthetic is an inertia driven shotgun, that is tough enough to endure whatever you throw at it. Whether you’re flushing pheasant and partridges, or sitting in the duck blind early waiting on first light. The performance is clean, smooth, and ready for boxes of rounds to be cycled through. With the Griptonite stock, natural fit, and fiber-optic front having a successful hunt is just waiting for the season to arrive.


  • Drop and cast adjustments
  • Vented top rib
  • Fiber optic front bead
  • Chrome lined bore
  • Dual purpose bolt release
  • Inertia operated action
  • Swivel studs included


  • Griptonite stock features pistol grip and forend inserts
  • Gray/Black design color


  • Matte, bead blasted finish
  • 26 or 28 inch barrel


  • Full
  • Modified
  • Improved Cylinder
  • Extended Modified / Long Range Steel (12 ga only)

Questions about Choke Tubes? View the Choke Tube Guide HERE.

How do you break in your shotgun? Check out the Shotgun section in FAQ HERE.

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Weight6.7500 oz


Barrel Length


11 reviews for Element® Synthetic

  1. Matt

    Bought weatherby element yesterday at a local gun shop primarily as a slug gun, but also pheasant and duck hunting as well. Sighted in with a couple different brands of slugs. The gun shot both kinds just fine at 50 yards. The element swings nice, good line of sight, smooth action, similar to my SBE2. Overall very satisfied with the purchase.

  2. Trent

    This is my first semi-auto 12 gauge and I love it. Bought it at Scheels and I’m very happy with it. Highly recommend

  3. Dave

    This is a good gun for the money. It’s reliable, and easy to maintain.

    It comes with a wide variety of choke tubes.

    My only complaint is the trigger. It is heavy and creepy. It breaks anywhere from 6.10 to 8.0 pounds.

    I wish it broke at 5lbs and came with a hard case, nut hey it’s a gun that can be had on sale for circa $500.

  4. AaronW

    I was looking for a backup 12 gauge to shoot sporting clays. I decided on a Element based on the reviews. My biggest concern was the cycling as I use 1150 fps reloads. I was very skeptical but I picked up the gun 2 days prior to my shoot and was pleasantly surprised that after 100 rounds everything went off perfectly. No problems what so ever. I also liked the fact that it has very few parts to clean which was very simple to do. Overall nice gun it will be my first gun rather than my backup.

  5. RobM

    I was looking for a 20ga for my 11 YO son. Purchased this gun a whim from Gander Mountain when they were going out of business. I have a friend that has a SA-08 and likes it and said to look into Weatherby. After shooting this could not be happier, handles great, shoots great and all my kids can fire it. Nice looking gun,a little jealous I bought it for my son, but know he has a gun for life. I would definitely buy another for myself.

  6. OklahomaHunter

    I bought this gun while in the market for a new 12 gauge. I was looking at the high dollar inertia guns and came across this gun and decided to give it a try. We bought my wife a 20ga gas gun from weatherby last year and their customer service and quality was so good I figured I had nothing to lose. I have hunted a full duck season with this gun that included breaking ice, myself and the gun taking a bath in the swamp, and plenty of drops. This gun has never failed to fire even when other guns froze up. It outperformed other more expensive gas and inertia guns. The chokes provided patterned very well. I have hunted duck, quail, pheasant, and dove with this gun along with multiple rounds of sporting clays. I would not hesitate to buy another. After my experience with their customer service I will be purchasing their rifles over others that I have looked at. If you want a gun that will fire every time ou pull the trigger no matter the conditions and no matter the ammo you have then this is the gun. If you want a customer service group where a real person in the US answers your call and answers all your questions then weatherby is the brand to buy.

  7. Tony

    I bought a new Weatherby Element 12/28 SA from a online store and it came fast. I love this shotgun, the quality is very close to the Remmy V3 12 which I own. But I still grab this. The action is great, pull is nice and I like the look with the gray and black. The only problem is that whoever was packing the key into the choke tube case didn’t care because it doesn’t fit so I got a bunch of little plastic pieces fall in my lap while opening, But I don’t use the case so I don’t make a big deal but it is still a part of the product so I said it. Anyways, I love this shotgun, my new favorite. It would be nice to get a choke tube case that actually works but that is a minor problem. Very Happy. Thumbs up!

  8. Kumi

    the best auto ever

  9. Southdakota53

    Picked up my new Element, it was down to Weatherby or Barretta. Better Ballance more shells, and not gas operated. First semi, used a Winchester model 12 the last 30 years. Pretty happy!!

  10. Great deal

    Got this gun and love it. I would put it up against any benelli or browning.

  11. Heis

    Just picked up my weatherby the other day and boy what can I say; this gun has amazing balance and shoots very smooth. Unlike many inertia guns, this gun seems to shoot light rounds great. The chokes are great but I might still upgrade to a pattern master for waterfowl. Great quality gun. I will stick to weatherby after owning this gun

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