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Before composite stocks, brushed stainless steel barrels, and Cerakote finishes every Weatherby Mark V® that fell into the hands of lucky hunters was rich walnut and blue steel.


Barrel / Trigger Guard / Bolt Knob – High Gloss|
Gloss AA Walnut Stock
Fineline, diamond point checkering, rosewood forend and grip cap with maplewood spacers

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Traditional craftsmanship for hunters who love classic styling

Before composite stocks, brushed stainless steel barrels, and Cerakote finishes every Weatherby Mark V® that fell into the hands of lucky hunters was rich walnut and blue steel. The Deluxe pays homage to those days of traditional craftsmanship for hunters who still marvel at classic styling. Complete with regal diamond-point checkering, a rosewood forend and grip cap, maple spacers and a Pachmayr Decelerator recoil pad.

*Accubrake ST Installed on .30-378 / .338-378 / .340 / .378 / .416 / .460


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8 reviews for Mark V® Deluxe

  1. Blake Burgess

    Bought my first Mark V 300 Wby Mag when I was 19. I’m 62 now and still have it along with 2 Accumarks -257 & 338-378. I’ve always loved Weatherby rifles, the elegant stock, the balance and the blueing. Great shooters and that 300 with a 24” bbl is a fire breather. I prefer 26” bbl even though that fire coming out of that barrel was impressive to a 19 yr old kid! Weatherby will always rank #1 with this old man!

  2. Ralph Scherder

    I’ve always had a passion for beautiful classic rifles. After years I finally special ordered a Mark V deluxe in 30.06. The gun is totally gorgeous and it’s best attribute of all is accuracy. I consistently shoot 3 shot groups measuring an inch or less at 200 yds. Cloverleafs at 100. It shoots every brand well
    I got the gun in 19 and finally took it on an elk hunt to bc this year. The zero held to perfection regardless of the high altitudes. I couldn’t be more pleased with this beautiful well balanced product from weatherby. My only regret is I didn’t have one earlier in life.


    I am using the 300 today that my father bought in 1958. It is as accurate now as when he first shot it. He used it from the plains of Wyoming to the mountains of Idaho, Alaska, Africa. Yes, it has signs of normal wear, of being in a rifle sheath on horseback but all of that just gives it character.

  4. Rick Kegley

    I own a mark 5 sportier in 340 weatherby absolutely love this rifle if I could only have one rifle this would be it capable of handling anything in north America I also own a vanguard sportier in 300 weatherby a very good rifle

  5. David Hebeisen

    5 times to africa wow

  6. Dwayne

    I bought a mark V in 340 Weatherby for a brown bear hunt in Alaska. With no brake it was a pleasure to shoot. When sighting it in a buddy had a Rem 700 in 7mm and I compared the recoil between them and I was shocked how little the 340 kicked compared to the 7mm. You can’t go wrong with a Mark V in any caliber!

  7. Hinglemccringleberry

    An amazing rifle

  8. David C

    The most beautiful rifle I have ever seen. I bought my Mark V Deluxe in 30-06 as an all purpose rifle I could hunt with the rest of my life and then hang above my fire place when I’m older. Apparently I should have just hung the rifle and bought something else to hunt with because now there is a large chip in the stock where the bolt drops down and there’s two small spots in the clear coat forward of the bolt drop cut out. I’m all for using my rifle in all conditions and hunting hard, I just don’t feel like I should have to deal with this after shooting 2 boxes(20X) of ammo during beautiful sunny weather. I called customer service and yes they are willing to help me but it’s such a pain to get this fixed. I’ll have give my rifle over for repair(3 months) which also means I have to take my scope off and then eventually re-zero my rifle. Weatherby isn’t paying for my bullets though so they don’t care, even though I would say these are 100 percent their defects.

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