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So many birds, so little time. It’s just hard to decide what I like best. Grouse, quail, roosters, pintails. They’re all amazing. All I know is that when I swing out front and the lead is perfect, those wings are going to fold.

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With gloss-finished metalwork and glossy Turkish walnut stock, the Orion I fits in just as well on the sporting clays course as it does in the field chasing birds. Equipped with automatic ejectors that throw empty hulls clear of the chamber, the Orion is notable for its slim action that employs a set of sliding locking bars nestled in above those ejectors that result in less bulk than many similar over/unders. Fitted with 26″ or 28″ barrels in 12 gauge or 28″ in 20 gauge, the Orion I has a vented top rib fit with a single brass bead and is shipped with a set of interchangeable chokes.


  • Ambidextrous top tang safety
  • Low profile receiver
  • Automatic ejectors
  • Chrome lined bores
  • 3” chamber


  • “A” grade walnut stock
  • Prince of Wales grip
  • Weighs just 7 lbs in 12 gauge and 6.2 lbs in 20 gauge


  • Matte ventilated top rib
  • Brass bead front sight
  • 26 or 28 inch barrel (28 inch only in 20 gauge)


  • Full
  • Modified
  • Improved Cylinder

Questions about Choke Tubes? View the Choke Tube Guide HERE.

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54 reviews for Orion® I

  1. Josh B

    I bought this for my son on his 12th birthday as he was in a youth shooting program shooting skeet every other week and 5 stand every Sunday. In a year and a half he has put more than 18,000 shells through it and it has been absolutely reliable hunting, sporting clays, skeet, and fun shoots. The gun carries nice, swings well, and is easy to look at. It throws a tremendous pattern with anything we have tried from 1 oz. reloads,vintage hevi-shot, and black cloud. Chokes are readily available from multiple sources. The Orion is probably the best value in over unders. I am looking to add a 20 ga. to the collection. 28 ga. would be even nicer!

    -Shoot Straight

  2. Gary Dishong

    The Orion looks beautiful , I want to look at it in 20 guage and hopefully purchase it

  3. Scott

    This has become my go-to skeet gun. I have shot hundreds and hundreds of rounds and it has be 100% reliable. I am also really impressed with the wood stock and how the gun looks

  4. GitSome

    I finally bought the Orion 1 after a fairly comprehensive consideration of online reviews and also handling multiple over under shotguns in a similar price point. I am thrilled with my decision. Yeah yeah, blah blah, “it’s not a Citori, it’s not a Beretta 686…” noted shotgun snobs, it is SUBSTANTIALLY more affordable and a very well made, attractive, excellent shooting shotgun. This shotgun is a great value for the price point, it is robust in the field, it points and shoots flawlessly. I will be buying another in 20ga for my sons to share and will continue to LMAO at all the suckers comparing it to their safequeen italian salami.

  5. Bob Roberts

    Wow….what a sweet handling 20 ga. Nicely balanced. Little to no felt recoil. Shoulders and points very well. Wood on mine is rather plain but the gloss finish makes up for it. Buy with confidence.

  6. Paul Shibley

    Got mine in 2021 amazing gun when Dove Hunting shot about 75% much better for the money it is amazing everybody thought it was a Beretta. And half the price highly recommend it easy to mount see the birds and shoot the birds amazing dove season last year

  7. Kenneth Postlewaite

    I made a wise choice and I don’t mind bragging. Really, the gun is very well made, fit and finish is perfect. The gun looks like a $2000 gun. Best of all my score has increased by 20%. I was loosing interest in shooting and now I look forward to each Saturday match. The gun has everything you need and nothing you don’t.

  8. Gabor Miklos Hinterseer-Herold

    I bought mine 6 months ago. It looks awesome, however it is a little bit on the flashy (glossy) side. At the beginning it was extremely stiff. Shooting slugs it tends to kick quite a bit, but recoil is still bearable. No malfunctions to speak of. I would recommend it to anyone.

  9. Ross R

    My brother was looking for an over under to shoot recreational sporting clays with me and to take hunting pheasants. He’d shot my Browning a couple of times and liked the feel of the O/U vs. his semi-auto but didn’t want to spend what I paid for my Browning. He researched economy grade O/Us and had picked out a brand that he was going to buy. His wife suggested to him that he take me with him since I had been involved in shooting and firearms training training for many years. We got to the store and were looking at the one he was interested in when I noticed the Weatherby Orion sitting next to the one he was planning to buy. I picked it up and found it had great balance, mounted nicely, was quick pointing and looked fantastic. I took the brand he was interested in from him and handed him the Orion and told him to give it a feel. He was sold immediately. The salesman tried to tell him the original one would be a better hunting gun because it was lighter but I pointed out that it had an aluminum receiver, didn’t shoulder well, and would hammer the shoulder over a couple rounds of target clays. Bottom line, my brother bought the Orion and is very happy with it. I went back and bought one for myself the next day because I thought it felt nicer than my Browning and would make a great upland gun for me.

  10. K. H.

    I was all set to purchase a new Baretta silver pigeon and saw the Orion on sale at half the price. Liked the way it looked and shouldered better than the Baretta and bought it on the spot. The gun has performed flawlessly in the field and I am 100 percent happy with my purchase. Kudos to Weatherby for a great shotgun at a reasonable price.

  11. Birdslayer

    One of the best O/U shotguns I’ve bought. Outperforms all of my $2000+ shotguns! Best hunting purchase I’ve ever made!

  12. NP

    Very happy about this gun. We bought it to have an extra field gun for friends and guest to hunt with. Carries well at 7lbs and folds birds like a champ. Would highly recommend this O/U

  13. Rich

    A very good gun for the money ,It’s relatively light and accurate . Fun to shoot

  14. Dave A

    It is my favorite shotgun. I have four. It is well balanced and just the right length and nice and light. Long enough for long range shooting and short enough for quick shots in the woods. I have the 26″ 12 gauge barrel.

  15. Aaron

    Picked up this over and under and went out put 100 shells though it. Performed excellently good value and beautiful. Only wish it had come with a case. However SKB case fits well.

  16. Jimnquincy

    I bought the Orion to take on a bird hunting safari to South Africa. I found the Orion fit and finish to be equal to if not better than its compeitors in $2000 range. The Orion performed flawlessly. For the money, there is not a better gun made. Buy it!

  17. HunterB

    Finally got to shoot a round of Clay’s with The Orion; throws good, feels great, looks even better. Best $1,000 market gun out right now. I can say the front bead is too small, besides that I’d buy again. Will hopefully have for a lifetime.

  18. Shrink


  19. Andy

    I own this shotgun at a pig roast about 15 years ago. I’ve put hundreds of rounds through this awesome gun. It’s so smooth and well made. Good job Weatherby!

  20. That one person that makes you want to buy the gun


  21. ClimberClint

    My significant other bought me this shotgun and I absolutely love it! It shoots naturally and looks killer! This is a great shotgun ..and a for the price, an amazing deal! I’d recommend this shotgun to anyone looking for affordable quality. Performance would have been rated 5 out of 5 is I could have gotten a more complete choke set from Weatherby (as opposed to 3rd party). Regardless, if you can only have one over and under shotgun, this is the one you want!

  22. Stebo222

    What a great value!

  23. sevoman

    very well made and nice looking shotgun. good weight at seven pounds. tang safety could be a little smoother and not slide laterally so easily. can get hung up in the middle. I have had this issue with a browning as well.

  24. J-Mo

    I just shot my orion on the sporting clays course for the first time. This gun is amazing. It already feels somewhat broken in, after only 100 rounds. Very smooth and swings beatifully. I was slayings clays with this thing. This was a great purchase!!!!

  25. JWR

    Have put 800 or so rounds through this gun so far and it is absolutely flawless. It’s everything I expected and more. Buy one you’ll love it.

  26. TM

    This is a good quality shotgun that wont break the bank. Nice looking and built to last!!

  27. RatherBeOutdoors

    I like my guns to look as well as they shoot. This gun is absolutely beautiful. Craftsmanship is excellent. I’ll be buying a second one for my daughter to go hunting with me. Looked at Browning’s, but there simply is no comparison for the price point. I hope this firearm enjoys a long run with Weatherby.

  28. Dennis D

    I love my Orion. I shoot clays every week and will put this gun up against any gun at the range. I feel confident that I will break my share of clays every time it is my time to shoot. I am proud to be an owner. Keep up the good work. I can’t wait for the 20 and 28 to come out. Please Hurry.

  29. Doug

    I looked for this o\u for over a year, found it in a store three hours away, yes I drove It with a smile on my face. Excellent shotgun. Couldn’t be happier!

  30. Gap

    Nice gun all in all but wish it were available to 20gauge

  31. Richard

    20 gage 3″ Mag. Best shotgun I’ve ever owned. Rarely misses and soft recoil. Best for lots of shooting

  32. Jon

    Want the shotgun but need a 20 gauge. So I’m forced to look at the Stevens. Come on weatherby give us a 20 gauge!!

  33. Fred

    I just picked up my Weatherby Orion. Wow. Beautiful shotgun. Fit and finish is perfect. I am going to have a hard time taking it in the field. Don’t want any scratches or dings.

  34. BobThor

    I just got my new Orion O/U and couldn’t be more pleased. The finish is just beautiful and the balance of the gun is phenomenal. For a O/U under $1000 there couldn’t be a move value for the dollar shotgun. It mount, swings, and shoots great. So please with this gun. It will quickly become my favorite. My SA-08 will be a close second.

  35. JTrapdog

    I’ve had this gun for 30+ years (got it at 18 Y.O.), so u do the math. Never had a single issue, have shot 25 in a row trap shooting, killed countless birds. Wouldn’t bat an eye at another one. Thank You Weatherby. Orion OU is the BEST gun for the $$.

  36. John

    Purchased this gun a few months ago and have put hundreds of rounds through it already. Love the weight and swing through of the gun.

  37. Rod

    Orion feels great and shoots true. Solid on the range and field.

  38. Robert Jacobs

    This is a beautiful little shotgun! I am now consistently shooting 25’s in skeet.
    Great looking, great shooting, and remarkable VALUE. Get one; it is great.
    I beat the club pro the other day; he shoots a $30K O/U.
    Customer service is great too!
    Thanks Weatherby.

  39. Jody

    It’s the blue collar gun that out shines the white collar rivals. Great job on its make and handle!

  40. Watson

    Please, please, please release a 20 ga option.

  41. Hawkeye

    Been shooting this gun for one year. Great feel, no malfunctions. Wish they would make a 20 gauge for my daughter!

  42. Craig

    Straight shooter and an incredible value for the money. I see no reason to purchase another O/U.

  43. Robert

    I love this gun. I do wish it came with a 20g option as well. Fit and Finish is perfect!

  44. Ashton

    I’ve had my weatherby orion for about a year and it shoots very well in skeet. I love the gun because, the weight, the look, and the overall performance. I think it is worth it because it keeps up with my dads browning citori for half of the price.

  45. Lisa J.

    When I first received the gun it “was” very stiff and especially in the cocking phase but I was assured by others it would work in. After the first 100 rounds I brought it home and cleaned it and then noted rubbing tight spots. I got a light stone and polished these areas and lightly greased only where it’s needed and I have 250 rounds though it now and it opens and closes as smooth as any high end shotgun. Besides being a beautiful gun it’s a great shooter and gets plenty of good looks at the gun club. You truly can’t beat it for value, quality and performance. Plus it’s a Weatherby.

  46. Harold

    However, It does seem to be very tight and I have too almost struggle with opening and closing the breech dues to this situation. I am still working to get the correct lubrication to help with its operation.

  47. BWD

    The Weatherby O/U is a superior shotgun for about a third price of the others.
    Have had mine for three years now and it still locks up tight and never fails.
    A great value for anyone needing a double barrel.

  48. Trout

    What a great gun, great price, great balance & a great brand. Couldn’t be more happy.

  49. Z Man

    I purchased this gun because I did not want to spend 3k plus on an over under. And what I got was a gun that is just as good as a 3k one. It shoots well and looks great and I could not be happier.

  50. terry

    Can’t be beat for the price feels great looks great shoots great it’s just a great gun

  51. James Ambrose

    Bought this gun about a week ago .Went out and shot 2 rounds of skeet 21 and 23 the secound round.
    Love the feel of this Gun.

  52. JvB

    I recently fired 1,512 12-gauge shells through my Orion in a single day in Argentina. Never a malfunction and I wasn’t sore the next day, thanks to magnificent ergonomics. Superb O/U.

  53. glennsjr

    Finally got my Orion. Beautiful Gun, shoulders excellent,and recoil not bad at all considering it’s a light gun. Shot 2 rounds of skeet with it, my average is around a 20 or 21 shot a 23 first round and that all important 25 2nd round out. Have a few Weatherby rifles and love them all now I can add shotguns to my list.

  54. bob

    looks great in safe

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