Mark V® Hunter

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Bringing a wealth of chamberings to the legendary Weatherby® Mark V® platform, the new Mark V Hunter is also fitted with a freshly-designed stock.


Barrel / Receiver / Trigger Guard – Cobalt Cerakote
#1 & #2 Contour 1/2×28 Thread Protector- Cobalt Cerakote
Bolt / Bolt Knob / Safety – Graphite Black Cerakote
All-new Mark V Advanced Polymer stock in Urban & Black Speckle

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Ambidextrous palm swells and aluminum pillar construction polymer stock

Echoing the shape and ergonomics of the Mark V Backcountry 2.0 family of rifles that debuted earlier in 2021, the Hunter’s polymer stock features the same trim, flat-bottomed forend, ambidextrous palm swells, aluminum pillar construction and is finished in a Urban & Black Speckle.

Threaded 1/2×28 for use with a suppressor or brake, the Mark V Hunter’s barreled action is sealed under a shell of Cobalt Cerakote, shielding it from the elements. A deeply-fluted bolt with removable knob not only trims a little weight and helps clear dust and debris, it also reduces the bearing surface within the action resulting in smoother operation.

The Mark V Hunter is available in a wide range of cartridges, both Weatherby Magnum chamberings as well as American classics.

Designed to be the world’s strongest action, the Mark V has a signature multi-lug bolt system inspired by the interrupted thread style of lockup. Available in both Standard and Magnum action sizes, the Standard employs a six lug design while the beefier Magnum uses nine locking lugs, enabling these actions to safely chamber the hottest commercially-available cartridges on the market. Other safety features include three rings of steel around the base of the cartridge when it’s in battery, a fully-enclosed bolt shroud and three gas relief ports in the bolt body to vent pressure in the case of an ammunition failure.



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3 reviews for Mark V® Hunter

  1. Kelly Howard

    My Hunter model in 7mm Weatherby is now sighted and waiting for me to take it deer hunting. With Weather factory loads (140 grain tipped X bullets), the rifle is very accurate. The stock is very nice for a lower-priced Mark V. The trigger is remarkable!

  2. Farm boss

    Just got my rifle a several weeks back and just received the muzzle break from CS witch was a great experience awesome service. My first impressions of the rifle is super light with a pencil barrel points nicely the action is a little sticky but shoukd improve in time with use and cleaning other than that for a $$$ Would liked to have seen more attention to detail to the barrel & stock my barrel touches one side of the stock . Can’t wait to take it to the range will see how it performs.


    I havn’t fired the rifle as of this review, waiting on rings and bases to be delivered. This is my second mark v. Love the 6.5 rpm backcountry TI. Overall first impression of the hunter is I like the weight, stock and overall appearance. My reason for a three star rating is the barrel channel clearance, the barrel is not centered in the barrel channel. No muzzle break. I really feel that for a price tag of $1500, a muzzle break should be included and the barrel centered in the stock. This is not a deal breaker but I did expect better for the price.

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