Ultra-high velocity, magnum ammunition is how Roy Weatherby got started in the 1940s. As a young wildcatter, he revolutionized the industry with his fast, hard-hitting loads that were dead-on accurate.

Today, those same performance qualities are every bit a part of Weatherby cartridges. Weatherby’s move to Wyoming is an exciting step towards the continual opportunity for innovation. The cartridges that paved the way for advancement in ballistics and load development will forever be a solid foundation. Weatherby’s intention is a constant progression for ballistic superiority, confidence in developing new
and impressive cartridges that perform and meet expectations attached to the Weatherby brand. We anticipate the stories ahead: the successful harvests, the superb accuracy, and the relationships formed around the fire ring. Hopefully, you will choose a Weatherby rifle and ammunition to accompany the journey, and create memories forged for a lifetime.