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Introduced nearly 20 years before the popular 7mm Remington Magnum, the Weatherby version gives non-handloaders handloaded 7mm magnum performance.

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Introduced nearly 20 years before the popular 7mm Remington Magnum, the Weatherby version gives non-handloaders handloaded 7mm magnum performance.

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120 Grain Barnes TTSX, 140 Grain Barnes TTSX, 146 Grain Hammer Bullet, 150 Grain Nosler Ballistic Tip, 154 Grain Hornady Interlock, 160 Grain Nosler Partition, 175 Grain Spire Point, 154 Grain Spire Point

14 reviews for 7mm Weatherby Magnum

  1. Richard Chandler

    I shot a huge whitetail at 356 yards as I could not get any closer and this was a once in a lifetime deer. Found the ballistic tip in the animals heart or what was left of it. This was a 392lb live weight animal and at that long distance he took one more step and wilted like a dead weed and just dropped. I have .257, 6.5-300, 7mm, 30-378, .338-378, and .378 and I don’t see any reason to own any other rifle from any rifle maker, not for hunting anyways. I tried a dozen times to upload photos but it just wouldn’t let me.

  2. Jeff Williams

    I bought a slightly used Mark V Deluxe. I was sighted in at 100. Then wanted to set elevation for 250. Using factory 175 spire points. I could not find then thru the scope. I walked down and found them all high left int circle. Put 3 rounds in under 3/4 MOA at 250. Shocked at how well it shoots.

  3. Jeff Williams

    Just getting started with the 7mm. Looking for some input. Gave it to my 12 year old granddaughter to hunt elk. Shooting 154’s well off the sticks. Looking for feedback on 160 Partition on Elk. I have started collecting them prior to Presidential change. I have the 240, 257, 6.5X300, 270, 300, 340, and 378. All of the shoot outstanding 3 shot M0A.

  4. Steve Moser

    Bought a used Mark V left handed, Japan made From Howa. What an incredible rifle. 160 grain is the perfect round for this gun. Coming from Muzzleloaders and shotguns this is a pleasure to shoot. I have realized I will be buying more Weatherby’s in the future. Cannot wait to put my first whitetail in the crosshairs.

  5. Joseph H Berk

    I have both the 300 Weatherby Mag and the 7mm Wby Mag. The 7mm Wby is much easier to shoot and packs more than enough wallop. I love them both, but the 7mm Weatherby Mag gets the nod.

  6. Christopher Whitley

    I’ve had my German 7mm Mark V for over 30 years. The last hunt with this cartridge in 140-grain TTSX dropped my mule deer at 295 yards and my antelope at 400 yards.

  7. Celtic

    I shot a white tail in the neck at 500 yards with the 175gr right in front of the shoulder and decapitated it great ammo but I think a bit over powered for medium game

  8. Stretch

    Just purchased a new Mark V accumark in 7mm wby mag. Picked up a box of this ammo to put the Weatherby sub MOA guarantee to the test. WOW! This ammo responded accordingly to even one click adjustments. The consistency from shot to shot was unwavering. The rifle was dialed in and shooting sub MOA in short order. Ready for the Wisconsin whitetail season. I’m new to Weatherby but thrilled to be a member of the family.

  9. Helijet

    I was starting to purchase a 300 but after reading “Grizzle Mikes” review I have decided to stay w/ my 7mm. i just love the big W. I took a 280-300 class in 2016 at 500yds, went 50 feet and dropped. As a major airline Captain I get many chances to hunt big game. Just got to stay with the big W

  10. John Osborn

    I bought a used Mark V, 7mm Weatherby Magnum, for my son. It is a West German rifle, made in 1964 (verified by Weatherby). Using old 140 spire point, factory ammo that came with the rifle, it had no vertical dispersion whatsoever in five rounds fired at 200 meters, as it was a breezy day the group was .75 MOA across. This is a true, old style Weatherby with a slow twist rate for the lighter 140 and 150 grain bullets.
    I was a sniper, sniper ATL, sniper TL, and unit Sniper SME for Delta Force from 1987-1994 (OTC-18), part of my job was to evaluate rifles and ammunition. My opinion is that, for hunting, Weatherby rifles and ammunition are the finest available.

    John Osborn

  11. Elkhunter

    I received my first weatherby mark v 7mm weatherby magnum for my eagle scout reward 44 years ago. I have since added another mark v 7mm weatherby magnum and both shoot sub moa. The recoil is quite pleasant considering the amount of energy down range. Many elk have fallen to these two rifles.

  12. red

    very impressive.

  13. White tail hunterr

    I have shot many white tails with my weatherby 7mm and I could not be more pleased. I recently shot 2 does at nearly 300 yard and hit them both an inch below the ear. I like to make clean kills and this is my round of choice and will be for many years.

  14. Grizzly Mike

    The 7 mm Weatherby mag is my favorite for two reasons. First is the recoil, 25.9 Ft-Lbs. Vs. 50+ Ft-Lbs. for the .300 Weatherby Mag. When you know 50 Ft-Lbs. is coming at you, just try to keep your eye open to shoot through the shot. Second is the ballistics. If you compare the 7 mm Mag vs. the .300 Mag they are almost identical out to 300 Yards. Even out to 400 yards the 300 has only a small advantage. How often are you going to take a 400 + yard shot. MY .300 hangs on the wall and my 7MM kills anything that gets in the way. I live in Alaska and use it for Grizzly, Moose, and Black bear. The 7 MM shoots so flat I never bother with scope elevation adjustments. +3.5 ” @ 200yards and 0 @ 300yards. Try to find a used one on the internet, you can’t give a .300 Mag, away and you can’t find a 7MM Mag for sale.

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