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You and I have a lot in common. We both appreciate excellence and we live to knock stuff out of the sky. And we both prefer using a 30-inch barrel to do it.

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Versatile and adaptable, the Orion Sporting is fit with a four-way adjustable comb that greatly assists in making the shotgun come to shoulder perfectly each and every time. The Sporting’s longer 30″ barrels make for a much more deliberate swing and are ported to help reduce recoil and aid in transitioning to a second clay target. The vented rib helps dissipate heat and optical distortion when shooting volume climbs, and a fiber optic bead glows bright in the sunlight. Automatic ejectors kick spent hulls from the chambers, and the extended and knurled chokes are easily swapped depending on target presentation. Built to crush clays, the Orion Sporting can be purchased in 12 or 20 gauge.



  • Ambidextrous top tang safety
  • Low profile receiver
  • Automatic ejectors
  • Chrome lined bores
  • 3” chamber


  • High gloss finished, “A” grade walnut stock with diamond point checkering
  • Adjustable comb


  • High gloss metalwork
  • Tappered ventilated top rib (10mm x 6mm)
  • Fiber Optic front sight
  • 30 inch, ported barrels


  • Knurled, extended chokes
  • Full
  • Improved Modified
  • Modified
  • Improved Cylinder
  • Skeet

Questions about Choke Tubes? View the Choke Tube Guide HERE.

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Dimensions33 × 8 × 4 in


23 reviews for Orion® Sporting

  1. OldRandy

    This is my third comment on this product. I am increasingly glad I did not spend another $800-$1,000+ on a more expensive shotgun. But I have not yet shot it enough to give it 5 stars. We’ll see…

  2. OldRandy

    First two rounds of trap, with no adjustments, shot 16 and 17, which is good performance for this old shooter. Trigger is a little heavy. Caused me to “flinch” (?) on a couple targets. Gun mounts nicely. I think it will prove to be well worth its price!

  3. OldRandy

    I bought my new Orion Sporting 12 gauge today (9/14/2022) at a northern PA retailer. Preliminary observations: Gun appears in excellent, new condition. My wife said it’s pretty. My complaints so far: 1. FIVE choke tubes supplied, but only ONE Skeet tube. Skeet is a game of doubles as most clay target shooters know. I realize this is a “Sporting” model, but still… 2. No mid-bead? 3. I prefer a plain bead front sight. 4. Forearm latch does not seem very “positive”. 5. Instruction manual provided is for the Field model Orion. It does not include info that might be important for the Sporting model. Nothing about adjusting the comb/cheekpiece! 6. The locking bolts are not cone-shaped like Beretta; they are little rods with flat faces. Gun shoulders nicely. I plan to trapshoot Thursday 9/15/2022 and Saturday 9/17/2022. I might update…

  4. Samuel Branch

    I love this shotgun I shoot trap for my high school and am nationally ranked my only problem with this gun is there is very little to no aftermarket, so chokes stocks and ribs are harder if not impossible to find.

  5. Happy Grandparents

    We bought this shotgun for our grandson as a step up from a 20 ga for trapshooting. It is everything we wanted and then some for an entry level over under that won’t break the bank. He was nervous at first, but after shooting 200 thru it
    his first time he was surprised that the recoil was minimal. We absolutely love this shotgun. Thank you Weatherby!

  6. Willboat

    I’ve only been shooting sporting clays for three years and love the sport. I’m not a kid (75) and hadn’t fired a shotgun in decades. A little over a year ago I bought my Orion Sporting to replace a 20 ga that wasn’t seeing much improvement. After a couple of cheek adjustments, I’m consistently shooting in the 90s. The price was right. The fit and finish are great and I couldn’t be happier. It’s a lot of gun for the money.

  7. Hoyden

    Another nice feature on the Orions is the Anson style forend release. It doesn’t get hot under your hand like a Deeley and Edge fastener found on most OU shotguns. Useful when shooting high volumes (skeet/trap) and NOT getting a wasp sting from a hot release.

  8. Gary in NY

    I was looking to get into trap shooting without breaking the bank and looked at a number of models. I was impressed with the Orion Sporting immediately. It has features found on other models that cost 3-4 times as much. It’s classic design is easy on the eyes and it is a little lighter than some other models. I have been shooting trap for just a few weeks and already have some scores in the 20’s. Soon hope to give skeet and sporting clays a try. Could not be happier with this purchase.

  9. SonOfAGun

    The LPA Fiber Optic sight is to small, also needs a mid bead preferably an ivory one, wish a left handed model was offered, also scale back the cost by only including a Full Choke as most folks go to aftermarket chokes when they want to get serious about getting the best patterns. In my finding for 16 yard trap I am getting the best patterns using Winchester AA #8’s and Patternmaster Anaconda Shooting Sport Series (SSS) Mid Trap choke in the top and Sporting Clays choke in the bottom. NO DOUBT I WOULD PURCHASE AGAIN !

  10. old woody

    I purchased the shotgun for trapshooting & I am very pleased !!

  11. ClayBuster

    The slim differences between the Sporting Model which cost $900 and the Barrett Sovereign B-XPro which cost $2600 is Coin Finish and made in Italy. So buying the Sporting is a Brilliant Move. For dependability/handling I would match the Sporting with the Krieghoff K-80.

  12. TheAmerican

    Weatherby hit a Triple with the Sporting Model, all the high-end features that can be had for under a grand. If I had to throw shade it would be that Weatherby did not have the foresight to partner with MullerChokes now that would have been a Grand Slam. Imagine getting U0-U4 Muller Chokes with the gun instead of the 5 crappy steel chokes that loosen and not great patterns. We Can Only Hope ….

  13. Rick

    I use it for trap and hunting. I haven’t had any issues.
    I would recommend this shotgun to anyone looking for an over and under. I really like the extended chokes,and the five they supply with the gun.

  14. Jp

    After paper tuning and stock adjustment this gun fits and shoots amazing love it. It has features of guns twice the price.

  15. woody


  16. John in MI

    To be honest, this gun was an impulse buy. I have shot trap for 5 years with a single barrel from the 70’s and love the gun. In the last two years I started getting in to get into sporting clays and trap doubles with my dad and brother and always shot a pump. They always tried to get me to buy either a semi-auto or an O/U. I was hesitant because of the cost of getting a sporting gun that fit and shot great. I’ve shot Benelli’s, Citori’s, Ithaca’s, but I could never afford a gun that nice. Well until that is, I stopped in at my local gun shop to pick up a choke for my buddy and the salesman asked me if I was looking for anything else. I opened my mouth and said I was in the market for an O/U. He handed me the Orion, I closed it and it found it’s place on my shoulder. I knew before I even set it down that I was walking out with it in my possession. Around a thousand rounds later, I’ve tacked 6 birds on to my doubles average, my sporting clays, I’m finally in the 30’s as for trap… I’m sticking with my single barrel for now.

    This has to be the best impulse buy I’ve ever made. The Prince of Wales stock fits my frame perfectly and the thing shoots so flat I had to change my shooting style. This is the best shotgun I own.

  17. MickyB

    I purchased my Orion a bit capriciously; I thought if felt good, it looked great, and the salesman convinced me that the Turkish managers at the new plant were aware of the reputation for modest quality of regional manufacturers and wanted to build a good o/u shotgun along with a better reputation.

    I also have a Citori that has worked flawlessly for many thousands of rounds and have no intention to replace it; well, perhaps a good Red Label. My view has always been that a good quality o/u shotgun for less than $3K would be made in Japan. However, I have now shot more than 2000 rounds through my Orion without any issues and my belief is changing; I like the way it is balanced, I enjoy shooting it, and it is still tight. I think the Orion is a very good value.

  18. Maverick

    This is one great shotgun! This o/u can’t be beat for the money. It has many features that guns twice the price have. I am very happy with this gun.

  19. Ric

    Purchased this shotgun after comparing many guns over a few years.When I saw the sporting I was by interested. All I had to do was find one! Found at Shydas in Lebanon Pa. Very impressed with fit and build quality.Wood seems nicer than many guns costing much more. Took to range today. Fit perfect,hit well overall a great gun at a great price

  20. BAM

    A truly beautiful gun that I will eventually hand down to my child when I am too old to shoot.

  21. Billys

    I own a total of 9 Weatherby shotguns, 12 Weatherby Vanguards and 5 Marks!
    All are of impeccable quality! Buy one!
    I am a registered shooter and shoot over 5k rounds per year!

  22. Hammer

    Great wood fit. Very nice lockup. Very nice wood finish. For the little extra money over the standard Orion you can’t go wrong

  23. Rob

    Great bargain and well made shotgun. Purchased through Galleryofguns.com and delivered to local FFL gunshop for background check and final payment.

    Great shooter – 4 rounds of skeet, trap and wobble trap over the weekend and it performed flawlessly. Several 23 of 25 round scores!

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