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Length-of-pull adjustability, along with the great price, makes this rifle a popular pick for parents who are raising their kids in the sporting life.


Barrel/Receiver/Trigger Guard – Matte, bead blasted, blued finish
Stock – Injection-molded composite stock
Removable elongated spacer to adjust length of pull(12½” to 13 5/8″)

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This Weatherby can grow right along with the hunter who is lucky enough to hunt with it

There aren’t many who can reinvent themselves every day, but this one can.

With a quick change in the brilliant but simple stock spacer, the Vanguard Synthetic Compact becomes the perfect fit for whoever wants to experience SUB-MOA accuracy from its 20” bead-blasted barrel. That length-of-pull adjustability, along with the great price, makes this rifle a popular pick for parents who are raising their kids in the sporting life.

  • Adjustable Match Quality, Two-stage Trigger
  • Fluted Bolt Body
  • One-piece Machined Bolt Body
  • Fully Enclosed Bolt Sleeve
  • 3-Position Safety
  • Cold Hammer Forged Barrel
  • Integral Recoil Lug
  • Hinged Floorplate

Removable elongated spacer to adjust length of pull(12½” to 13⅝”)



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18 reviews for Vanguard® Synthetic Compact

  1. Scorpion

    The compactness quick aim fire power and accuracy reminds me of my m4 back in service, walking hills makes this rifle ideal I could add another inch at the but end this ant no trix for kids kinda of rifle

  2. Jacob G

    Got this to start my boys out on deer hunting. You can’t ask for a better value unless maybe a softer recoil pad. And I don’t love most composite stocks but this is more solid/less hollow feeling than those on similarly priced guns. However-and most importantly- this is probably the most accurate rifle I own, better than one I have that cost twice as much. Solid gun, nice safety. I got the Talley rings which are great. Bead blasting is low luster for hunting. Fit my 12 yo perfectly and he laid out 2 deer in no time. Once you add the stock extension you may need a cheek pad to keep the corner of the Monte Carlo from digging into your cheek but that’s conjecture. You could also swap out for an aftermarket stock later. Bottom line: you’d be hard pressed to find a better value/more versatile bolt action hunting rifle than this one! Get one for smaller hunters/situational needs and you won’t be disappointed.

  3. Marc

    We purchased this rifle a few years ago for my wife for mostly deer hunting in East Texas. Now we hunt in far west Texas and this is the “GO TO” rifle for half the deer lease. I have friends who will borrow our rifle if we’re not hunting of not at camp. It has killed a many deer and we all freezer full of meat to prove it. Great for kids and adults – accuracy is superb! Actually buying two more for my daughters – tired of them fighting with mom who’s going to take to hunt that day.

  4. Mule Rider

    I am a woman who needs the short LOP. This rifle easily delivers, with the wonderful added ability to shoot MOA with ease. This handy compact beautiful shooter with a delightful trigger is, for me, the same go to as a custom rifle…. I topped this with a compact Leupold and have a rig for the ages. I hunt southern whitetail, and western elk, ,pronghorn, etc. This packs wonderfully in a scabbard and is a joy to carry and handle. This rig has never failed me. Love love it.

  5. Beau the hunter

    I have gotten my 7mm-08 and it has never failed me. I got this gun when i was 4 and now I’m 15 i have killed over 35 deer with this gun. It has unfortunately outgrown me and now I’m looking for a new weatherby.

  6. Bret

    This was my first gun that I ever got when I was 12 and still using it today (20). I’ve learned how to shoot with this gun and have taken animals as small as pigs and as large as elk. This gun is on e of my favorite guns I own. If your trying to get your kids, girlfriend, or even you into the world of shooting this gun is one of the best.



  8. RM

    My grandfather bought me this rifle in .308 and i love it. Great for hunting deer and range shooting. Reliable, compact and all around perfect.

  9. Buckmaster

    This rifle is as good as it gets shoots perfectly if u miss it is you not rifle for money best rifle period you will put to your shoulder thanks weatherby

  10. Louisiana white tail

    I purchased this rifle because I love the feel of the stock. I then add a break to it and a sig sauer tango4 scope. I got it in the 25-06 and when I took the first shoot at the range it was unbelievable. At this price there is no rifle that can match it.

  11. Jerry the Hunter

    Love this gun. Versatility in stock length with the spacer. Weatherby accuracy right out of the box. I train a LOT of kids to shoot/hunt, and you can’t beat this in a .223 for practice, and a 7mm-08 for hunting. Compact, solid, quality product.

  12. JRM

    waiting to get to 100 yd. range, at 25 yds., a jagged whole with redfield revolution, right out of the box, with my hand loads.

    could recommend to anyone who shoots

  13. Bigfoot

    I bought this for the wife to shoot and she has done quite well with it so far at the range. It is 7mm 08 which is a good caliber for her and to this point the gun has been flawless in operation. My only issue is the plastic stock (I’m a wood person) that we will replace in the future with a laminate one mostly for looks but for fit too with a better recoil pad for her. I like the gun and would love to have one for myself but……..

  14. Buddy

    We were looking to upgrade my wife’s hunting rifle (her pet deer rifle is a .30/30) to an all around hunting gun. We looked at several but she kept coming back to the Vanguard compact. Not only was it less expensive than the other two but I felt it was a perfect fit for her. The quality was exceptional.
    Her rifle is in 7mm-08 cal. and boy does it shoot. She is able to keep her shots in an inch group at 100 yds. She never thought she would like a bolt action but now she just loves this little rifle. I would highly recommend it for any small person or youngster just getting started ( the add a pad is a great idea). As a Hunter Ed. instructor I get asked a lot as to what is a good caliber and gun to start a young hunter with…….here they are!

    Oh..that first year with her Vanguard she took a nice doe at 176 yds. (ranged) with one shot and it was offhand too!!

  15. LL

    The 30.06 vanguard is a very good gun for hunting whitetail. the performance is very good , but most of the time it depends on the shooter. It has a lot of stopping power and functions great.

  16. jc

    Awesome rifle was able to shoot my first deer and elk with it and had no problems.

  17. Walter

    I bought my rifle when I worked at Cabela’s. I bought it because it felt right in my hands. The rifle cycles smoothly every time. I like the composite stock. I don’t worry if it gets rained on. Take out 2 screws and wipe it down. I don’t worry about scratching the finish like I would on a wooden stock. The shoulder pad does a real nice job of suppressing the recoil. I could shoot it all day long and not feel the effect the next day.
    The thing I like most is the trigger pull. It is set very light compared to my Remington 700. I have not had any adjustments to the trigger and don’t think I need to change it but it’s nice to know I could if I wanted to. The magazine is easy to load and easier to unload when you get back to camp. If you are looking for an outstanding hunting rifle, you can not go wrong with this rifle. In comparison to other Weatherby models, it is rather inexpensive but not cheap. I would recommend this weapon to anyone looking for in the market for high quality rifle without breaking the bank!

  18. Tj

    Should be a great rifle to train grand-kids to shoot and hunt with. I even like it for myself. Thanks Weatherby. Nice product at a very good price!

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