240 Weatherby Magnum

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Delivers 3,500 fps muzzle velocity (80 grain bullet) and is, on average, considerably faster than any existing standard 6mm cartridge.

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Delivers 3,500 fps muzzle velocity (80 grain bullet) and is, on average, considerably faster than any existing standard 6mm cartridge. This means more striking energy delivered at the target, with less bullet drop at longer ranges. Introduced in 1968.

8 reviews for 240 Weatherby Magnum

  1. Paul Smith

    Barnes TTSX 80 grain bullet. Purchase them right here on the Weatherby site. Solid copper bullet for the Prune Pickers in the west! They shoot well in my Mark V. Not cheap, but what is anymore :< (

  2. Basil Mackrodt

    Love my 240 w.meg shot a lot of 280 pound boar drop them in their tracks. Problem is in California I cannot find non lead ammo for my rifle can someone suggest where I can buy them in San Jose. CA.

  3. Art munari

    I have been hunting with my 240weatherby since 1970 I have taken Sox 50 whitetail deer ag nd many antelope with it using 85 or 100g nosier handload
    They are instant death to both out t350 yds I have a mark 5 deluxe

  4. N8iV Warrior in Central Oregon

    My rifle loves the 100 gr spritzers and it lays the smack down on monster Mule deer bucks in Central Oregon. I have shot the factory round on steel out to 800 yds on steel and very consistent Ammo on steel. I will be purchasing more and recommend this Ammo to family and friends. Great job Weatherby keep up the good work and beautiful rifles in the Mark V series.

  5. Kottunmewth

    I’ve been hunting with my 240 mag for over 10 years. I’ve been shooting 100 grain spitzers and have seen great accuracy and haven’t had to chase down any whitetail. In fact it’s hard to find the bullet afterwards, it expands and explods very well, dropping deer in there tracks. Would recommend this caliber to anyone wanting performance without a lot of recoil.

  6. Pistol Pete

    I bought a Vanguard Back Country in 240 Weatherby Mag last year. The rifle loves the 100 gr. Spitzers. Clover leafs 3 rounds at 100 yd. easily. Great Whitetail deer and black buck round.

  7. Noel J

    I am a Weatherby product fan, with much fun and success in a few calibers. In a factory .240 Fibermark circa 1995, the 100 nosler partitions have higher velocity and are a going Jessie. On 175 lb Texas whitetail, this bullet is very, very potent with excellent accuracy and hits with a whallop out to 300 yards. Many deer instant lethal drops. Partitions are not suppose to be a long range bullet…nonsense. Recoil on this magnum load is very manageable,

    Spitzers represent great value load.

    On small to medium game, the .240 Weatherby is a smoke stack lightening bolt.

  8. Lodo 1

    Terrific results with the 100 grain bullet 26 inch barrel 3 rifle in 30 years ,the farthest shot in the hungarian plain 400 meters + with Swarowsky 7×55 fix – no german caliber could equal the 240 w.mag,
    A life time of succesfull roe Dear hunt thanks to your terrific modern caliber,and rifle –
    Thank yoy Roy

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