375 Weatherby Magnum

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This cartridge is the result of giving the “Weatherby treatment” to the legendary 375 H&H.

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This cartridge is the result of giving the “Weatherby treatment” to the legendary 375 H&H. By enlarging the case to hold more powder, Roy Weatherby was able to achieve 200 more fps than the respected Holland & Holland version. After many years out of production, the 375 was reintroduced in 2001.

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300 Grain Nosler Partition


2 reviews for 375 Weatherby Magnum

  1. Z06 Cowboy

    What a shame that Weatherby decided to stop producing rifles chambered to this grand cartridge. Great performance at reasonable big game ranges with easily managed recoil and increased magazine capacity compared to Weatherby’s Big Five cartridges.

  2. Trey Taylor

    I love my .375 Weatherby. Outstanding terminal performance on game, great accuracy, and relatively flat shooting while delivering a big payload. Anyone considering a .375 H&H would be well advised to consider the Weatherby chambering. I handload Barnes 270gr. LRX @ 2850 fps, giving 4900ft-lbs at the muzzle. My .375 Weatherby shoots 375 H&H ammunition from Remington and Hornady very well, so I don’t have to worry about ammunition options in a pinch.

    I know my rifle and ammo setup has more kinetic energy than a 416 Rigby at 100 yards, but I’m not one to oversell capability, I like to let the results speak for themselves. Professional Hunters and Trackers in Africa I’ve hunted with had rave reviews of the cartridge’s performance. I have had questions like: “what are you shooting? That thing hits hard!” After seeing some of the cartridge’s performance, I have had comments like: “You have a very accurate rifle that does a lot of damage downrange, it is very confidence inspiring as a PH to know that!”

    A PH asked to shoot my rifle while we were taking an afternoon off, and after he shot a sub-MOA group at 300 yards, he could only say, “I LOVE THIS RIFLE!” So do I, I won’t ever sell it.

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