300 Weatherby Magnum

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Brought to market by Roy Weatherby in 1945 the 300 WBY was said to be 50 years ahead of its time. The 300 WBY is an ultra versatile 30 caliber option that is great for a variety of hunting situations.
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Bullet Diameter: .308 (7.8mm)
Common Reference: .30 Caliber
Max Case Length: 2.825”
Developed: 1944
Production Start: 1945


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Ultra versatile 30 caliber option

The 300 WBY MAG was developed in 1944 by Roy Weatherby. It was first commercially sold in 1945 when Roy launched it alongside the 270 WBY MAG and 257 WBY MAG. The 300 WBY MAG was said to be 50 years ahead of its time and is among one.

The 300 WBY MAG is an ultra versatile 30 caliber option that is great for a variety of hunting situations.

Bullet Information

Barnes® TTSX®

A 100-percent copper bullet with a polymer tip to boost ballistic coefficient to improve long-range ballistics and provide fast expansion. The four razor sharp cutting petals double the bullet diameter that wreak extensive internal damage and produce massive wound channels. The TTSX is extremely accurate and has great expansion.

  • Common Reference – 30 Caliber
  • Bullet Diameter – .308" (7.8mm)
  • Bullet Weight – 180 gr.
  • B/C (G1) – .484
  • Max Case Length – 2.825“


Bullet WeightMuzzle100 yds200 yds300 yds400 yds500 yds
165 gr.339031232873263624112197
180 gr.324030052782257023682175


Bullet WeightMuzzle100 yds200 yds300 yds400 yds500 yds
165 gr.421035733023254521301769
180 gr.419536083093264022411891


Bullet Weight100 yds200 yds300 yds400 yds500 yds
165 gr.2.8“3.5“0.0“-8.5“-23“
180 gr.3.1“3.8“0.0“-9“-24.3“
Nosler® Ballistic Tip®Hornady® Interlock®Hammer BulletHornady® Interlock®Hornady® Interbond®Barnes® TTSX™Nosler® Ballistic Tip®Nosler® Accubond®Swift™ Scirocco®Hornady® ELD-X®Nosler® Accubond®
Bullet Weight (grains)165 gr.165 gr.170 gr.180 gr.180 gr.180 gr.180 gr.180 gr.180 gr.200 gr.200 gr.
B/C (G1).475.387.480.425.480.484.507.507.520.597.588
Velocity (Ft/Sec)
@100 yds31333123308830053031302530513051298528402910
@200 yds29282873288727822832282828622862280326872752
@300 yds27312636269425702642264026812681262825382599
@400 yds25442411251023682460245925062506246023942451
@500 yds23632197233321752285228523392339229822552307
Energy (FT LB)
@100 yds35973573359936083672365737213721356035823761
@200 yds31403023314530933206319732743274313932053362
@300 yds27332545274026402790278528722872276028602998
@400 yds23702130237722412418241725112511241925452667
@500 yds20461769205418912086208721862186211122582364
Trajectory (Inches)
@100 yds2.7“2.8“2.8“3.1“3“3.0“2.9“2.9“3.1“3.5“3.3“
@200 yds3.4“3.5“3.5“3.8“3.7“3.7“3.6“3.6“3.8“4.2“4.0“
@300 yds0.0“0.0“0.0“0.0“0.0“0.0“0.0“0.0“0.0“0.0“0.0“
@400 yds-8.1“-8.5“-8.3“-9“-8.7“-8.7“-8.4“-8.4“-8.8“-9.5“-9.1“
@500 yds-21.5“-23“-22.1“-24.3“-23.1“-23.1“-22.4“-22.4“-23.4“-25.2“-24.0“

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150 Grain Nosler Partition, 165 Grain Hornady Interlock, 165 Grain Nosler Ballistic Tip, 170 Grain Hammer Custom, 180 Grain Hornady Interlock, 180 Grain Hornady Interbond, 180 Grain Barnes TTSX, 180 Grain Nosler Accubond, 180 Grain Nosler Ballistic Tip, 180 Grain Nosler Partition, 180 Grain Spire Point, 180 Grain Swift Scirocco, 200 Grain Hornady ELD-X, 200 Grain Nosler Accubond

35 reviews for 300 Weatherby Magnum

  1. Ricky

    I’ve been shooting Weatherby rifles now for 20 years… Bought my first one as a college graduation gift to myself. A used Accumark chambered in .257 weatherby mag. I had promised myself that if I ever got to where I could afford one I would buy myself one……. LORDS WILL! Once I bought that used Accumark I was totally hooked. MANNNNNNNN….. These things flat out shoot. Since then, I’ve purchased and traded around 11 Mark V weatherby’s. To date I own 9. 243 CFP, 240, 257, 7 mag, (2) 300’s a 30-378, (2) 340’s…… One of my 300’s is a lightweight and the other is a deluxe five panel in outstanding shape, custom shop rifle… Against my friends best advice I took it to an outstanding gunsmith and had a break installed on it. Topped it with a Swarovski 3.5 x 18 x 44…. 180 grain noslers and deer can’t take it. Clean kills every time and always D.O.A. 100 percent of the time…. No meat damage. Little hole about the size of a fat first grader pencil. 200 yards, 300 yards, 400 yards. Doesn’t matter. Boom,whap, Flop…. No searching. No wondering through the weeds. Just Dead Right There! I use my lightweight 300 when I’m walking the bean fields or still hunting. I use my 5 panel when I’m sitting a stand. Or when I wanna show out in front of my friends… When I take the custom shop 5 panel everyone wants to put their hands on it. I sent Some of mine to weatherby a few years ago and had all of my triggers set to 3 pounds. Man I’m telling ya I’m in love… These things are bad to tha bone. My wife teases me that I have as much money in ammo as some people have in rifles. I always tell her you get what you pay for. If you’re the kind of hunter who doesn’t like wounding animals, or if your the type who wants clean one shoot kills and no meat damage. Or if your the type of person who doesn’t wanna go wondering through the woods looking for your kill. At whatever range you can accurately shoot. The 300 weatherby is the answer. No slight to any of the other amazing companies out there. But it’s weatherby for me all day every day. And to those who wanna say that a 300 is overkill.I have several 30-06’s, 270’s couple of 25-06’s 6.5 you name it… They look great in my safe. Shot placement argument for me doesn’t get it.. I shoot em all in the same spot I’ve been shooting em in for years now. Shoulder! I’ve had some to drop and some to run. But w that 300. No runners. Just drop in their tracks… Sometimes with those 300’s I punch right through their Ribs. They still drop in their tracks…. Next thing you know, butterfly back straps, summersausage with cheddar cheese and cracked black peppers and jalapeños, and a very high taxidermy bill.

  2. Ron H

    Unfired WBY Mark V synthetic, barrel cleaned with copper solvent (yes green residue on patch), washed away with carb & choke cleaner, Dried with clean patches (wiping down ss barrel cleaning rod each time before changing patch)
    Swarovski 3 X 10 scope set on 4. mounted & Bore sighted by my fav. gunsmith.

    Wby ammo.

    1st shot on paper on edge of circle.
    A few clicks on windage & elevation knobs.
    2nd shot placed 2″ high (dead center) @ 100 yds.

    3 rd shot invisible with spotting scope
    4 th shot invisible as well.


    Range safe.

    Retrieved target.

    One slightly larger hole with 3 rim/paper burn segments.

    Sold on WBY rifles & ammo for life.

    1st box of ammo lasted 4 seasons.

    Just shot one round at range each year before hunting season.

    2″ high @ 100 yds each time.

    Why waste time with anything else?

  3. 300WBYGAL

    Love my 300 WBY MAG Mark V. Its never let me down.

  4. Rob

    Newfoundland moose 191yards, 180 grain partition, one shot! I racked in the next round and asked my guide where the bull was, he replied “Don’t worry about that he went down like something in an arcade, beautiful shot”! When we dressed him out his heart was gone. Only gun I’ll use again!

  5. poprlj

    Just bought a Mk 5 Accumark (LH) in 300 Weatherby for my high school grandson, Its a very early HS graduation gift. I bought my first Weatherby in 1963, I now own 3. The quality and craftsmanship are obvious , and Weatherbys reputation is unparalleled, It is a lifetime gift

  6. Elkman

    I have 8 Weatherby rifles. Most I don’t hunt with but the 7 mm aand 300 have claimed fame to lots of critters 46 moose 4 deer this year alone. I’m 68 and love my Roy Weatherby rifled.

  7. CAS

    The 180 Spitzers are great for hunting, target shooting, and to obtain brass for reloading. I don’t know exactly what projectile they use, but it is effective on deer and wild pigs. The 150 Spire Points are flat shooting and great for deer and antelope past 100 yards. Nothing has needed more than 1 shot, and nothing walked more than a few steps when hit by the 300. I also have the 180 Nosler Partitions for black bear and elk, but haven’t hunted with them yet. Accuracy through my Weatherby Accuguard has been less than 1-inch with every load, and as tight as 3/8-inch. This is an accurate and effective rifle and caliber combination. Cheers!

  8. Scott

    Have had my Weatherby 300 since 1978. It is the best and has never failed me.
    My dad also had one and killed an elk at 700 yards.

  9. Fudd

    The rifle I have is going on somewhere between 30 and 40 years old. My grandpa got it when he was young, and it’s been passed down, to my father then to me. It’s a very good rifle, my favorite… even tho my shoulder don’t think so after I shot it. I personally like the weatherby ammo here, it’s good for hunting. Tho I sure I won’t have to buy another back for two years, since rifle don’t miss a shot.

  10. Richie

    I first purchased a .300 MK 5 in 1965 , Had to take it back , I could not afford it !.53 years later , I just bought a 1965, MK5 .300 and a 1967 MK5 7MM Deluxe’s . A long time to wait , but I figured I had better buy now , because Im running out of time ( 79 years old ) , but well ,worth the wait . What a fine piece of equipment , a work of art , plus their forged . Maybe , I can buy a NEW one too. for myself for Christmas .

  11. Pierre

    300 wby is a really great round

  12. daveyk

    I shoot a 300 WM 180 gr Partition and a 270 WM 130 gr Partition. shot a 175 5/8 WT at 634 yds.with the300 WM.A 229 7/8 Mule with the same. I have also shot 178 7/8 Mule deer 430 yds. with the 270. To many animals to count over 50 years. Just love these works of art. Thank you Weatherby !!!

  13. RON Jr.


  14. Eddie

    The best !

  15. John Diamond

    Can’t beat the performance and the craftsmanship of a weatherby!

  16. Pato

    The best rifle in the market 300 weatherby mag.

  17. Torgy

    I have been shooting Weatherby rifles for 21 years and I have never had one malfunction. I use my 300 with 180 nosler partion for elk and moose and all 8 animals I have taken have dropped without as much as a step.
    I hunt dear and antelope with my Mark V 257 Weatherby and that is the flattest shooting rifle I have ever owned. I like the 120 Nosler for that rifle.

  18. Ken

    Simply stated the 300 Wby with Barnes Bullets will take anythng if the shot placement is correct. I have a 416 by; a 378; 338-378; 30-378 Wby and a 75 H&H. Fact: Every animal I have taken has been with my trusted 300 Wby h as been with a single shot including a 510 plus yard Barren Ground Carrbou Score 429-7/8; Southern Greater Kudu 185 yards Score 60″ Ranked #32 Roland & Ward and SCI Both Trophies dropped on the spot. I have also taken a 8′ square inland Grizzly with a single shot from my 300 using Barnes X bullets. 220gr at 186 yards. I could have used larger rounds but even at more than 500 yards the 300 takes any animal with a single shot. The only projectile I have recovered from the 300 was on the Southern Greater Kudu which I spined. The projectile a 200 gr Barnes X went through nearly 15 inches of solid bone and was protruding from the skin. It weighed 189.9 with all pedals intact.

  19. Wyoming hunter

    I have hunted with my 300 Weatherby for the last 15 years, and love this rifle.
    I have taken deer, elk, and antelope, always with one shot. you can’t do any better than this rifle for hunting big game.

  20. Maverick

    Originally bought my .300 mag to go out West. That fell through so started using it on Whtetails. Less kick than my .06. Sounds like thunder and outperforms anything I have ever shot. About 20 deer so far.

  21. Rick B

    I have always told myself ” I would never take a shot over 400 yards.” I didn’t want to run the risk of injuring an animal or not getting a clean kill. A long time Weatherby fan introduced me to the 300 Weatherby Mag. I purchased one, put quality optics on it and took it to the range. I became confident and got my first long rang opportunity ( 500 Yards) on this years deer hunt in Utah. The round landed exactly where I put it and the buck never took another step. Weatherby shooter for life!!

  22. Bigshow

    I have hunted with my 270 Weatherby forever and thought I would never change until I bought my Mark V 300 Weatherby! Love this rifle and hunt anything and everything with it. Shot a 145 inch 10pt year before last at 650 yards. He dropped so fast I thought I missed him!

  23. rico13753

    From an Oxbow,Maine Black bear to a pair of pretty fair Elk in Flagstaff, Arizona, and least I forget my Moose in Newfoundland, the 180 grain Spire Point is as good as it gets for my 300 Weatherby Mag! I love this bullet and use it here at home for deer and extremely long range chucks. One shot, one dead critter!

  24. Zem

    Bought my Weatherby Vanguard in 300 WBY MAG about 15 years ago with hopes of an elk hunt in the Northern Rockies – That trip never happened. About 3 years ago, I decided to use it for local deer hunting (South Louisiana). Shooting the 180 grain Nosler Partition that it was sighted in for, I’ve yet to have a deer take a step after pulling the trigger. This thing hits like a sledge hammer, and the Partition bullet doesn’t produce large exit wounds that destroys meat.

    Many comment on the cost of ammo, but when I tell them that I’ve NEVER had to take a second shot or follow blood trails, they get quiet quickly.

    A friend of mine was invited to a Colorado elk hunt last year. He told me that he planned to use his 30-06. I offered to let him borrow my Weatherby, which he did. He saw one elk on his trip – A 6×6 broadside at 485 yards. He dropped it first shot! He said that he’d never had tried that shot with his 30-06. He recently bought a Mark V in 300 WBY MAG, and sighted it in with the same round.

    Accuracy- What I can do to a 200 yard target is mind-boggling! I’m sighted in at 200, and every year prior to taking it hunting, I’ll go to the range just to “make sure” it’s still zeroed. Yesterday I put 3 shots inside of a quarter-sized area (~1/2-MOA)!! This gun with Weatherby ammo is more repeatable than I am! If you miss, you can’t blame the gun / ammo!

    “Overkill for Whitetail”- So many folks that make this comment shoot a 30-06. My response is that we’re shooting the SAME bullet, mine is just moving faster (500 feet/sec faster!), and at 200 yards, has 1,100 more lb/ft of energy! It also drops 30 inches LESS at 500 yards.

    When Weatherby makes their famous statement, (Nothing shoots flatter, hits harder, or is more accurate…..), it’s not a marketing gimmick- My experiences are living proof. What more could you want for medium / big game hunting?

    While most other gun manufacturers have changed ownership through the years, Weatherby is still privately run, and has not lost focus of Roy Weatherby’s original “vision”. I’m a Weatherby shooter for life!!


  25. KBaker

    I have two Weatherby rifles. My 300 and the 257 Weatherby mag shoot spot on with Weatherby Ammo. The ballistic chart is accurate to the inch. If it says your shot will be 7.7 inches low it will be. Can’t ask for better than that!

  26. Brittany Man

    Yes ago I purchased a Weatherby Alaskan in 300 WBY Mag, It loves the 165 grain spire points WBY ammo.. I took an antelope at over 325 yards and it never moved. It dropped like a stone.

    I would like to try the 165 grain ballistic tips. I have used ballistic tips in the past on ground hog and deer with great success. They are very accurate.

    I have set up my Weatherby with 2 scopes. Both are Leupolds with quick release rings. One scope is a 2.5-8X and the other is a 6-18X.

    I used this rifle to harvest a Texas deer. Was a clean humane kill like the antelope. While on the Texas hunt I also shot a hog at night while it was on the run with the 6-18X scope set at 18 power. The guide lit it up with a spot light. His helper thought I missed the hog, but I heard the thump when the bullet hit it.

  27. Jack

    I shoot a Weatherby 300 mag with a 180 grain nosler partition bullet.last fall 2016 i shot a very big moose at 427 yards. one shot took out both lungs. this is the fourth moose i have taken with this gun, but the longest shot I am booked again for this fall 2017 would not carry any other rifle.

  28. bob

    I just got back from dream hunt, brown bear on Kodiak island. I used my 300 Wby Mark 5, and using Wby factory 200gr Nosler bullets. First shot double lung pass through at 100yds, bear dropped in his tracks. After a few seconds the bear managed to push up with his front legs. Second shot in the shoulder and he hit the ground dead. I could not have done any better than with this Wby combo.

  29. Sherpa Dave

    Model 700 stainless long barrel. This 165 gr ballistic tip matched to my gun so well I zero to 250 yds. Just took an extra large BC mule deer at 150 yds. Bullet mushroomed perfectly , caused a four inch hole at entry and set against the hide at exit. Excellent performance over all.

  30. Rjsounder

    Excellent ammo 180 grain Accubond quartering away shot entered left hip high, shattered the spin, blew out the diaphragm, right lung and exited the front right shoulder leaving a 3″ diameter exit hole. Did not find the bullet. A true 800 yard elk killing bullet in this caliber.

  31. velocity

    I bought the rifle on close out sale for $270 bucks at wal mart. Put on mid grade nikon scope on it total price $488 bucks for the rifle,scope and rings. Its the best chambering out there i love the 200 grain loads. No need to handload just buy you a box and shoot. I use mine 99% of the time just to punch holes in paper if i do my part its a 3/4 group of five at 100 yards every time. Recoil is not at all bad i just wish i had bought all three they had in stock.


  32. Dan

    Just kissing inch and a quarter 3 shot group at 400 yards.

  33. AIRBORNE6869

    Recently purchased Vanguard rifle in 300 WBY MAG along with 3 boxes of Select 180gr ammo. This ammo has the Norma spitzer. #G300180SR/40174432. Have only fired at the range but average vel. runs 3197fps and average groups at 100yds run at 1&1/4″. That is excellent results for factory ammo. Will buy more!!

  34. patrick


  35. Takmaster

    I own a .300wby accumark LH. Have taken several deer, an elk, black bears, mountain Caribou, interior Grizzly. This round performs excellent at distances from 65 yds to 250 yds. Only one recovered bullet on a bull elk. A rib-heart-lung quartering away at 170 yds. Recovered on far shoulder hide. Retained weight of 155 grains, good expansion and nice wound channel. Great value for the .300WBY. Highly recommend this round.

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