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    Starting at just 5.2 lbs the Mark V® Backcountry™ 2.0 was purpose-built to be the best lightweight mountain rifle on the market. It features Peak 44™’s Blacktooth™ carbon fiber stock which weighs only 19oz making it one of the lightest production stocks on the market. Equipped with an Accubreak and 3D Hex Recoil pad, the Backcountry 2.0 series manages recoil extremely well even with Weatherby’s historic magnum cartridges. This is the rifle you want 10 miles from the truck and you have to make the shot count.


    Fluted Barrel / Trigger Guard / Receiver – Patriot Brown Cerakote
    Bolt / Bolt Knob / Safety – Graphite Black Cerakote
    Stock – Peak 44 Blacktooth Carbon fiber with dark green and brown sponge pattern accents

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