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Where Claro walnut beauty meets Weatherby brawn, I am there, with marked style as unique as your own. I become an heirloom the moment you take me home.

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You can call me a traditionalist but don’t you dare say I’m old-fashioned. For beneath my hand-selected Claro walnut, Rosewood caps, Maple spacers and classic blue steel beats a heart infused with today’s Weatherby technology – right down to my precise machining, LXX™ Trigger and Pachmayr Decelerator recoil pad. On top of it all, laser-carved oak leaf engraving gives me sophisticated, yet traditional styling.


  • SUB-MOA accuracy guarantee (.99” or less 3-shot group at 100 yards when used with Weatherby® factory or premium ammunition)
  • LXX Trigger
  • Fluted Bolt Body
  • 54-Degree Bolt Lift
  • Integral Recoil Lug
  • Cocking Indicator
  • Magnum 9-Lug or Standard 6-Lug Action


  • Stock has been designed with a slimmer forearm and more distinctive lines and contours
  • Grip diameter has been reduced
  • Slight right-hand palm swell
  • Hand selected, Claro walnut, raised comb Monte Carlo stock with 5-panel laser-carved oak leaf pattern
  • Rosewood forend and grip cap with maplewood spacers
  • Pachmayr Decelerator recoil pad


  • Hand-lapped chrome-moly barrel with field crown
  • Blued metalwork in high lustre finish

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19 reviews for Mark V® Lazermark®

  1. Jim

    I’ve had a left handed Mark V Lazermark in 300 Wby Mag for 40 yrs. Have hunted everything from hogs in Texas to Mule deer in Wyoming and never had an issue from the cold or heat! It’s a flawless rifle.

  2. MOJO

    As a boy I would see those beautiful weatherby rifles in outdoor magazines. Told myself someday I was going to get one. I did in the mid 80’s. It was mounted with Buehler mounts & a Schmidt&Bender 6×42. Set up for high plains hunting in Wyoming . I’ve hunted everything from coyotes to caribou. I have many rifles,my brother said it best” he’s brought out the Weatherby,he’s Serious”.

  3. Badger

    I got my first 257 weatherby when I was 6 my dad give it to me and I love it ever since now I have 300 and I have kill my elk and deer with it and now I think it’s time to give my 6 year old son my 257 weatherby so I just plan out love the guns you can’t go wrong when you get any kind of weatherby I give it five stars and more

  4. Kip

    I own the 300 weather mark V lazermark I ordered it from the custom shop in left hand it’s a high quality hunting I’ve shot deer at 700 yards with it and a Shepard’s scope with a 165 Barnes x triple shock Quality all the way

  5. Big boy

    I purchased a 338 – 378 Weatherby Magnum laser Mark &I love it it’s awesome I use a 200 grain Nosler Silvertip bullet I shot a 6 x 7 Elk & it dropped it The Elk fail in less than a second & At the range at 150 yards I can do groups of 3 shots in less than a 1/2 inch the workmanship & accuracy on these laser marks are awesome I just purchased a 257 mag & a 6.5 300 Weatherby mag can’t wait to test them out

  6. Paul

    It is not often that bragging rights come from eastern Canada, as trophy animals are tough to find. Yes, here in Nova Scotia, we have a healthy Whitetail herd, the occasional Black Bear that you might take a second glance at, and pretty good wing shooting. Our quiet, and rather internationally unknown treasure is the Cape Breton Moose.
    These highland moose constantly sport a 60″ spread and carve out the moss with a 1200 pound weight.
    Sight in for 200 yards with good optics and you will do just fine.
    The 2016 December hunt presented me with a monster at 450 yards. My 300 Weatherby Mark V Lazermark, pushing out 180 grain Barnes dropped the big guy on the spot.
    The guiding company wanted me to trade my rifle for a free hunt…
    Nope! This gun stays in my bloodline!

  7. Rico

    Great caliber great gun! I harvested a 6×6 bull in 2017, and a 4×4 in 2106 with this rifle. 4×4 at 400 yards.

  8. Rod

    I own 2 weatherbys a Mark V custom outfitter and Mark V Deluxe, one in 300wby mag and a 30/06, Both are accurate, 300 mag at 3/4 ” group, 30/06 1/2″ group,both are worth the money. Well built and look great. No malfunctions or jams. If you want a great rifle buy a Weatherby.

  9. Hunter Frank

    I have 4 Weatherby Mark V deluxe rifles and one Lazer Mark. I have hunted all over the world with my Weatherby rifle’s and they never fail me in performance and accuracy. Add the beautiful Wood and metal work and they are Superior to all others.
    My calibers are, 240, 300, 340, 375, and 416. Sweet soft shooting rifles.

  10. GB

    I’ve owned Weatherby’s for 44 years, and I’ve never found a more inherently accurate rifle out of the box. My 257 lazermark is very accurate, my 7mm Wby is unbelievably accurate, my 300 Wby is respectability accurate, but my 30-378 Wby is insanely accurate because it not only splits the lines on targets, but dropped a 6 point elk at 1270 yrs with one shot – now that’s performance !

  11. dave

    i cant believe i waited this long ,i just opened my box to a new 300 weatherby mag ,my eyes cant believe what they see ,its outstanding ,cant wait to shoot it

  12. Jerry

    From the first moment I picked my Weatherby I knew that this would be my go too rifle. The palm swell and comb fit me like a tailor measured me for a suit. I consistently shoot 3/4 inch groups which inspires confidence. I feel like I am with an old friend on my watch as I hear the squirrels chatter, the leaves fall and the bucks run.

  13. Bob

    I think to face one of the big Five of Africa you have to have faith in your weapon. I received my lazermark 378 wby mag feb. of 84 . Trip to Zimbabwe for Cape Buffalo was in aug. This gun is beautiful, perfect, metal work, wood work second to none. Now does it shoot. Gun shot great with the iron sights provided. Back in the 70’s & 80’s double guns were popular in Africa. My Mark v lazermark got a lot of attention from the PH’s. They all wanted to try and all gave a strong smile of approval. I got my buff with wby 300 grain solids. When the time comes for you to go after dangerous game pick the gun you trust. All I can say is Weatherby had my back. Wow 35 yrs ago and still making a great gun.

  14. Buck

    If you want a rifle that you can depend on putting your game down with one accurat shot this rifle is for you. I have been hunting with 300 caliber of mine for 20 years now. From long range antelope hunting in Wyoming to Bull elk in Colorado, this rifle never disappoints.

  15. thefireguy

    I’ve had my Lazermark for 25 years… .257 Weatherby Magnum. excellent laserwork.. sharp crisp lines. beautiful wood! Very accurate 100 yd groups of less than an inch since the day purchased. Used for Whitetail, Muleys, Elk and an occasional coyote. As with any firearm… its not all about caliber. It is about shot placement, bullet type and shooter comfort/skill. Plenty of knockdown for elk, if you pick and place your shots. Have had single shot kills to 350 yds. Finish and action is as sharp and crisp as when purchased barring a few scratches from brush and horse!

  16. Arch

    There’s the weatherby and there’s the wannabe

  17. Jim B

    Such fine craftsmanship in the most accurate rifle I have ever fired. Paired with the Luipold VX III 8.5-25X50, a 1″ group at 200 yards is not a challenge. Great balance and smooth action equal pure love.

  18. 13

    its beautiful and accurate

  19. Riceman

    Beautiful 5 panel lazermark. The new palm swell just feels right. Deepest darkest bluing is amazing. Shoots a 3 shot group under 1 MOA at 100 yds. This is another perfect Weatherby I have added to my collection of 30 years. From Crown customs to Mark XXII. In my opinion I just wish they would have kept the white line spacer in the recoil pad. I highly recommend this rifle to everyone!!

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    Gloss AA Walnut Stock
    Fineline, diamond point checkering, rosewood forend and grip cap with maplewood spacers

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