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He’s fanned out, backlit by the morning sun and glowing amber in the light. I’m ready to send a tightly-choked pattern of #4s with terminal accuracy. This is what I was made for. He just needs to take two – more – steps…

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Total coverage in Realtree Xtra® Green camo – ideal for the spring turkey woods, the SA-459 Turkey Xtra Green is the shotgun of choice for harvesting Toms. Featuring rubberized pistol grip puts the trigger hand in perfect alignment for shooting from a seated position. For fast target acquisition, the 22” barrel is nimble and delivers its tight charge through an extra-full fluted choke tube. The SA-459 has a bright green fiber-optic bead for a true aim, but also has a removable Picatinny rail for a scope, so missing isn’t an option.


  • CNC machined aircraft grade aluminum receiver
  • Chrome plated bolt
  • Enlarged bolt handle
  • Vented top rib
  • Removable Picatinny receiver mount
  • Green fiber optic front sight
  • Chrome lined bore
  • Drop out trigger system for easy cleaning
  • Dual valve gas system
  • Push-button safety


  • Realtree Xtra® Green camo pattern adhered to all stock components
  • Rubberized pistol grip for one hand control
  • Swivel studs included


  • 22-inch barrel
  • Realtree Xtra® Green camo adhered to all metalwork


  • Extended, fluted Extra Full

Questions about Choke Tubes? View the Choke Tube Guide HERE.

How do you break in your shotgun? Check out the Shotgun section in FAQ HERE.

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13 reviews for SA-459™ Turkey Xtra Green

  1. A A RON

    Not that I like shooting birds long distance but made the farthest kill 94 steps stone dead with this gun. It is a turkey killing machine. I won’t hesitate to shoot one at 70 yrds if he hangs up. Gun patterns great cycles good and is easy to carry.

  2. LRuggs

    I’ve taken Turkeys, crows and doves with my sa-459. I have other shotguns better suited for dove hunting but I can’t help but carry it most of the time. For those complaining of cycling issues, you need to use the light load cylinder and make sure you pick a shell that’s at least 1300fps. I also racked mine back and forth manually about fifty times and cleaned it good, now it never fails to cycle.

  3. CQ

    I’ve had it for 3 years and haven’t had one issue out of it and killed 12 with it, no complaints here.

  4. Sunshine

    I’ve had this shotgun a couple of years. The first year I had it, fired it at the range, took it turkey hunting and immediately had cycling issues. Weatherby was FANTASTIC about bringing it in under warranty. Discovered issue and corrected and shipped back to me. Took it out and got my turkey! Cleaned shotgun and put away in the gun safe. Took out for turkey season this year. First time out and having the same exact issue. Currently en route back to Weatherby….possibly I just got a lemon???? I really like the shotgun size and ease of shooting. Just question the dependability.

  5. Max

    I use a benelli mod choke for my wife. Excellent shotgun for a novice turkey hunter. Weatherby in the manual explains how to use the light load gas cyclinder however only heavy loads will function the semi auto. A great disappointment for an alleged quality shotgun.

  6. Tom Foolery

    Acquired the 20 Gauge for Turkey Hunting. As many Turkey Hunters, I shoot Non-Lead Shells. The factory choke is nice for Lead Rounds but, not rated for
    Non-Lead Shells. Available selection of 20 Ga Win Chokes is limited vs Mobile
    Choke, Invector or others. It would be nice to see this barrel standardized to a more popular choke design and factory standard to handle Heavier than Lead shells. Maybe the gun could come with Lead and Non-Lead Chokes from the factory…? Otherwise, this is a fantastic configuration. Handles well, shoots well and the recoils is quite manageable for youth hunters in 20 Gauge. Great job Weatherby !

  7. DR J


  8. Drill

    I like the turkey gun, but they need to offer a rifled slug barrel and it would be perfect.

  9. Mad Dog

    I have used most all shotguns and until now, have always gone with the Brownings’. This little turkey gun does not beat you up, so far, patterns all mfg’s loads I have fired, very well. Good, tight patterns. I am not a big person, and I expected muzzle jump due to the short barrel. It has no more muzzle rise than any other I have used. The 20 ga. SA-08 is a joy to shoot also.
    Skeet and trap shooting are fun again.

  10. Russ

    Have shot skeet and pheasant (1/4 of #5) as well as Rem 3″ #4 Nitro loads with no problems.I would rate the recoil as stout. Very handy size and weight, easy to move around when sitting. Needed adjustment for centering POI at 40 yds.

  11. NC Turkey Finactic

    I upgraded my turkey rig this year after using the same gun for 23 years. All I can is WOW! This Weatherby shotgun is an unbelievable performer at a great price. I opened up the 2015 spring season in my home state and hammered a 20# gobbler at 51 yards.

    Great gun, great value, great company!

  12. NC Turkey Freak

    I bought this gun a couple of weeks ago because I really like the look of it. I purchased an SA-08 Waterfowler last fall and used it for the opening day of Dove Season and then on a duck hunt in January. I am so impressed with that gun I wanted to try this turkey gun.

    Out of the box I am definitely impressed with the look, feel and quality. Looks and feels as good to me as the B guns that cost twice as much!

    I have ordered a scope for it. Once I try it out on targets and on hunts in a couple of weeks I will report back. I had to input something in the performance bar above in order to submit this post. Performance update forthcoming.


    I just received my SA-459 & I couldn’t be happier! This gun is made for diehard gobbler chasers! From butt to muzzle, this gun is well thought out. The RealTree Xtra Green camo is perfect, the gun is D&T from the factory plus comes with a Picatinny rail. No trip to the gunsmith or chasin down a base! The pistol grip on it is the BEST in the market hands down! Buy this gun!!

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