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I’m not your typical pixel- or tree-style camo rifle. I’m covered in First Lite Fusion camo and finished in Flat Dark Earth Cerakote® for stealth and protection from the elements.


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The lightest/fastest hunting rifle on the market

The first thing you’ll notice about about the Vanguard First Lite, aside from Weatherby’s legendary fit and finish, is the stock. The Monte Carlo design, complete with a right-side palm swell and textured forearm and grip areas, is appointed with innovative First Lite Fusion camo – a proprietary mix of “crackalature” shapes and colors derived through nature-based algorithms and oriented for macro and micro disruption. A rifle that can disappear at distances from 2-2,000 yards.



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19 reviews for Vanguard® First Lite

  1. Mark Bradsher

    I bought this rifle in 6.5 PRC after purchasing a synthetic green one so I expected good results. Wow. I was not disappointed. Groups were incredible during barrel break in but I tried not to get excited. It shot .25 groups with Hornady match ammo and .42 groups with Hornady Precision Hunter. All groups were shot in 90 degree heat with high humidity at 300′ MSL. The brake works great. Minimal jump when compared to the synthetic green gun. I love the trigger as set from the figure. I did not measure the weight but its feels around the three pound or less range. No need for me to adjust it. the barrel was slow to warm up consideing its a thinner barrel but fluted. Hopefully, Weatherby/Howa will build them in 7 PRC. Now I’m just waiting for Mr. Buck to show in my sights.

  2. Andrew

    Happy to support another wyoming company even if it is a Japanese action. Had a beat to hell savage for years so this was a substantial upgrade. Very smooth, didn’t need a break in for 3006. Shot garbage ball ammo at 200yds no problem, can’t imagine what it’ll do with good stuff. The brake reduces felt recoil but the muzzle still jumps quite a bit. It’s better than nothing but if you’re looking to follow your shot get an actual brake, this one is more of a 360 degree blast diffuser. Granted if you’re shopping hunting rifles based on their muzzle brake, stick to your Gucci glock kid.

  3. Stuart in NC

    I have a Vanguard First Lite in 6.5 PRC and this thing is amazing! I’m not a sharpshooter by any means and don’t claim to be, but with this rifle i was getting .72″ 3 shot groups at 100 yards-straight out the box! You’ll be hard pressed to find a better rifle,loaded with all the features it has for less money.

  4. Edward Wald

    WOW is all I can say, mine is in 257 WM and shoots .750″ groups with premium 110 gr accubond ammo but will shoot .450″ groups at 100 yards with hand loaded 110 gr ELDX bullets, just got back from an antelope hunt 327 yards and he never knew what hit him, am looking at one now in 6.5 – 300 WM. I have an S2 vanguard stainless also in 257 WM it shoots great but not near as good as the first light

  5. Rodney Silva

    great rifle, 30-06, shoots 1/2 inch groups at 100, I would recommend this rifle to anyone,

  6. Timr245

    Picked this up in 6.5-300. Burned up 2 boxes of factory ammo breaking the barrel in, then I got down to handload development. Got it pushing 140’s at 3255 & 5/8” groups, love this thing!!! Hoping to fell an elk with it this October.

  7. Eric Zimmerman

    Best rifle for the $ , I’ve ever bought

  8. Dillon K

    My family has been Weatherby-loyal for decades now and I was looking to add to our collection. Only notable caliber we were missing was Roy’s .257, no more. This rifle first caught my eye as a perfect intersection of my favorite rifle in my favorite apparel company’s dressing, but what sold me was the features for the price; cerakote, fluted barrel, AccuBrake, just to name the highlights. Of all the brand-new firearms I’ve purchased, I’ve never been more impressed with initial quality than with this rifle. The brake coupled with the ballistics of the .257 WBY MAG make this as mild of recoiling rifle as i’ve shot; very similar to my mother’s Vanguard VGX in .243 WIN, yet the performance of this round on whitetail is lighting bolt-esque. Tremendous value here folks. My only word of caution is to be cognizant of a 26″ barrel w/2″ removable brake, when getting out of a truck/UTV and static blind, it can sometimes feel like you’re wielding a telephone pole around but certainly not the rifle’s fault, more mine for underestimating a 4″ longer OAL barrel. Would still purchase again and again.

  9. Lou

    After research i went with a vanguard over a MV for price. I was not disappointed. I did the weatherby break in procedure and rifle was grouping around 3/4” with my handloads, around 1.25” with factory 100 grain. Went to range today with reloads and gun shoots .46” with nosler handloads… needless to say im shopping for my second weatherby which will be a 6.5WM. As long as the performance is there, i will only be purchasing weatherbys! I have 3 custom rifles this rifle will shoot with all day long, but they cost waaaay more

  10. Duddy

    It is perfect

  11. Dave P

    I recently purchased the first lite in a 300 win mag and have to say it is a nice overall firearm. Accurate and is very comfortable to shoot. Did a 2 box break in procedure before sighting in, and was not disappointed. The Accubreak does a fantastic job at reducing recoil. Great handling rifle. This is my 2nd vanguard and both shoot better than 1 moa. My 270 series 2 is truly a tack driver. It out shoots my custom Remington 700. I would not hesitate to recommend this rifle to anyone.

  12. pg2018

    I bought one in 308 for an elk hunt this fall. It’s definitely lighter than my Weatherby VG Deluxe in 30-06. I do think Weatherby could have made this one 1/2 a pound lighter because it did start to feel heavy by the last day of the hunt after hiking at least five miles a day up in the Colorado mountains. Muzzle break is pretty effective without increasing blast too much. My uncle was standing directly next to me when I shot my cow elk and he didn’t seem to mind the blast either. The stock looks good and is really rigid compared to many of the entry level rifles. I wish it could have been bedded like the RC and Backcountry models. As far as accuracy goes, this rifle is definitely a sub-MOA gun in the hands for a sub-MOA shooter. I don’t shoot enough to be a MOA accurate but with the right load I’m able to get 1-1/2”’all day, any day. I have gotten some 3/4” groups and 2” groups but I’ll never shoot beyond 300 yds which would place all shots within 6”, still smaller than the kill zone of deer and elk. This rifle is certainly more expensive than the entry level Rugers and Savages, but once you pick one up you’ll realize why this should be your next hunting rifle.

  13. Big Walt

    Purchased for Deer Hunting
    Was shooting Weatherby 257 Magnum, purchased First Lite in 6.5 300, bore sighted, straight out of box first 3 shots 1 inch high with grouping touching each other.
    I did shoot the 140 soft point as much cheaper shell at $49 per box, tried 3 rounds of the 140 Berger, inch low & left… select which bullet suits you best & stay with it.
    Set at 3 inch high at 100 yds.
    Back on at 300yds.
    If you have desire for flat shooting rifle, try you one!
    Overall rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  14. John

    Just received mine in 257 “ROY”. I now have 3 VG #1 and 2 #2. What a fantastic rifle pkg. I am going to buy another in 300 WBY. I shouldn’t say this but I would buy these at 200 $ higher. Just wait to raise the price until I purchase mine. Once again, Weatherby gives you the most BANG for the buck or bull!

  15. Airgonda

    This rifle comes out of the box and starts printing 1/2” groups so fast it’ll make your head spin…both literally and figuratively. I got the 6.5-300 and bought the Select 140 gr ammo so that I could harvest the brass for reloading. Ultimately, I have decided to just shoot factory ammo for a while. I got 1/2” groups without any break in period. Sighted in 2 and 3/4” high at 100, this rifle is basically on at 350 yards. At 400 I’m holding on the top of the plate. Feels good. Looks good. Priced unbelievably low compared to other rifles this accurate. I have 6 Weatherby’s now and each outperforms the guarantee. But this rifle with confidence.

  16. Tom In South Texas

    First Lite is an outstanding weapon for the price. After a tedious break in, and zero at 200 yds. The rifle produces repeated >1.5″ groups at 200 yds with Select Plus 110 gr. Nosler Accubond.

  17. Tom In South Texas

    First Lite is an outstanding weapon for the price. After a tedious break in, and zero at 200 yds. The rifle produces repeated >1.5″ groups at 200 yds with Select Plus 110 gr. Nosler Accubond.

  18. Davedavey

    Got one in 270 Winchester. Needed light recoil due to a neck injury, and it really performs in the light recoil category. At less then 20 rounds through it with non premium federal power shock rounds. Got 3/4 inch groups at 100 yards. At 450 yards got 4 inch group with A Nikon scope and hornady eld-x rounds. Can’t wait to see what accuracy I get when the barrel gets broke in.

  19. RonT

    Like the stock configuration and camo. Fluted barrel is sweet. Muzzel brake seems a bit much, could be good on big calibers. Company should work on reducing weight 8 -16 oz.

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    The Vanguard Badlands is the first production rifle to appear in the popular Badlands Approach® camo. The Approach pattern uses adaptive coloration to construct a neutral color palette that adapts to your surrounds and lighting conditions.


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