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It’s sort of like I went on and found my soulmate: “Vanguard Synthetic rifle seeks Leupold VX-2 optics for a lifetime of adventure.” You put us together and you get guaranteed SUB-MOA accuracy on every hunt.

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What goes together as well as grilled venison backstrap and fried potatoes? The Weatherby Vanguard Synthetic paired with a versatile Leupold® VX-2® 3-9X 40mm riflescope. The combo adds up to SUB-MOA accuracy with Weatherby factory or premium ammunition… guaranteed. This package is the one-two punch a hunter will love on their next big game hunt, because when the Leupold crosshairs settle behind the shoulder, and with a squeeze of the adjustable two-stage match trigger, all the next step is to fire up the grill.


  • All Vanguard rifles are guaranteed to shoot a 3-shot group of .99” or less at 100 yards (SUB-MOA) from a cold barrel when used with Weatherby® factory or premium ammunition within Two-Years of Verified Purchase Date to Original Purchaser.
  • Adjustable Match Quality, Two-stage Trigger
  • Fluted Bolt Body
  • One-piece Machined Bolt Body
  • Fully Enclosed Bolt Sleeve
  • Vanguard Recoil Pad
  • 3-Position Safety
  • Cold Hammer Forged Barrel
  • Integral Recoil Lug
  • Hinged Floorplate


  • Monte Carlo Griptonite stock features pistol grip and forend inserts
  • Right side palm swell


  • Barrel length is 26” for magnum chamberings & 24” for non-magnum and 240 Wby Mag
  • Radius crown


  • Leupold 3-9×40 VX-2 riflescope
  • Matte finish
  • Duplex reticle
  • Mounted and boresighted by a Weatherby gunsmith
  • Talley designed Weatherby Vanguard lightweight mounts


10 reviews for Vanguard® Leupold® Package

  1. KC Bob

    Purchased my combo from Bud’s Gun Shop online. It arrived two weeks prior to Missouri deer season. Sighted it in the first weekend, and took it hunting on opening day. Dropped a buck in its tracks with a single shot. Brought home 83 lbs of prime corn-fed venison. My thanks to the good folks at Weatherby! I will be buying my three sons each a Vanguard for Christmas!!!

  2. Ken

    Outshooting precision rifles at 200 yards

  3. deer7mm

    I bought my Vanguard 7mm from Cargill’s gunshop in Conroe, Texas in 1971 or 72. I installed the Leupold 3×9 Vari X 2 scope for hunting in east Texas. I had previously used a British 303 Military surplus, shooting 180 gr. ammo. My first 100 yd shot group of 3 shots could be placed inside a single nickle circle. Man, I was estatic!!! I’ve hunted with it since 1972 and absolutely love it even today !!!! I’ve tried firing other 7mm Magnums & they “kicked my shoulder off”, so to speak !!!! Thank you Weatherby for a Great Weapon for a lifetime use !!!!!

  4. Mike L

    I have the package in .308 and over the past few seasons in the Pennsylvania woods it has proven to be a 100% reliable deer slayer. I have made 1 shot kills ranging from 50 to 150 yards. Can you fall in love with a gun?

  5. James Maxwell

    Beautiful to use, enough kick to the stock where it doesn’t hurt. I prefer the Beanfield rifle myself but i would more than welcome this gun into the family.

  6. PJ

    I purchased this rifle on sale with low expectations and I’ll be darned if it’s not my go to rifle now, far and away better then my Rugers, Remington’s and Savages that we’re more expensive. It’s not that pretty with a grey stock, it’s very utilitarian, exactly how you want a hunting rifle to be so you don’t cry when it gets scratched, and boy does it shoot! I wish I could upload some target pictures.

  7. Maccaro

    The .257 just hammers ’em, 1 shot drops .. incredible trigger out of the box, fit & finish is sharp & clean, seems indestructible .. my new go-to gun.

  8. Rick M

    I bought this package in 7mm Rem Mag and could not be happier! I have wanted a Weatherby all my life and this one is absolutely perfect. With this weapon I can hunt all the game native to me here in the PacNW, my “one gun”. And it was perfectly sighted in right out of the box, thank you Weatherby gunsmiths for boresighting in the scope. The trigger is the best part, so crisp, and the bolt action is low and smooth and the Monte Carlo stock gives me perfect spot weld and eye relief every time and btw the eye relief distance on this scope is perfect, about 4 inches depending on zoom, so even with a magnum you won’t get an eyebrow scar. I will definitely be buying another Weatherby, or two!

  9. Ethan

    Bought my Vangaurd .223 second hand. Outstanding accuracy and overall fit and finish is A grade. Sub MOA with factory ammo and handloads. Bravo Weatherby for this masterpiece that was gentle to the wallet.

  10. Paul

    Did a Montana elk/mule deer hunt by horse back into the back country. On the 12 mile ride out my horse lost its footing and rolled over with my rifle in the scabbard and worried that the gun and site might be damaged. During the opener the gun and site held up and took a bull elk down at 220 yards.

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