Weatherby® Vanguard Lightweight Scope Mounts

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Specially designed lightweight Weatherby mounts by Talley featuring a unique one-piece design of 7000 Series billet alloy, are available for Weatherby Vanguard rifles in matte black. For all Vanguard Magnum and Standard caliber rifles (Does not fit Mark V Standard caliber rifles). Sold as a pair.

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Mounts by Talley feature a unique one-piece design of 7000 Series billet alloy.

Specially designed for All Weatherby Vanguard. (Does not fit Mark V Rifles)

Available in Matte Black.

Sold as a pair.

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Weight7 oz
Dimensions6 × 5 × 4 in

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9 reviews for Weatherby® Vanguard Lightweight Scope Mounts

  1. Remi G. (verified owner)

    They feel heavy duty and my 4-16×42 vortex scope fits perfectly.

  2. Check The Height

    I purchased the medium rings to mount my Leupold VX-2 4-12x50mm on the Vanguard. Unfortunately the rings aren’t tall enough and it does not fit. My fixed power 6x fits just fine.

  3. Spartan 78

    Talley rings are all I use. Seven sets of these lightweight rings and never a failure. The one piece base/ring is a work of art and enhances the rifle and scope aesthetics.

  4. JD

    Just installed these on my Vanguard S2 (.308). Checked them with the centering irons from my Wheeler scope installation kit and they were spot on straight out of the box. Torqued all the screws to 20 inch/pounds around my Nikon Prostaff 3.5-14×40 scope and headed to the range. After zeroing the scope I was shooting sub moa groups at 100 yards off of a bean bag for the rest of the day. A few notes. 1. You do not need to lap these rings. 2. As stated torque the screws to 20-22 inch/pounds. 3. The medium height mounts fit perfectly with my 40 mm reticle.

  5. VADave

    These mounts go on absolutely perfect on rifle they are made for. Love having one solid mount base and ring. These could actually sell for more and I would still buy them. Don’t think twice about ordering from Weatherby either. Quick ship.

  6. OutdoorFanatic

    Ordered these one night from the Weatherby site and got an e-mail saying they were shipped the next morning.
    Top notch workmanship, quality fit and installation on my Vanguard with just four screw holes already in place on the Vanguard. It doesn’t get any easier and these Talley’s hold your scope tight like its welded in place.

  7. mickey55

    I purchased these rings for my rifle and made sure I also purchased the 30mm lapping tools, huh! I didn’t need to buy the tool. I installed these rings on a new rifle with a new scope (Trijicon 4-16 x 50) . without moving any scope turrets (to leave everything factory centered) I installed base section of rings and noticed how well the rings sat on the rifle and how well the mounting screws positioned the base section with no possibility of error. I sat the lapping bar in the saddles of the rings and felt how well the alignment was immediately! I have been a machinist for over forty years and recognized the great alignment right off. Then I placed the scope in the medium height ring to check for clearance on the 50mm bell, It was perfect! I thought things had to be going to good! I finished the mounting and shouldered the rifle. I opened my eye to see a perfect sight picture. I repeated the shouldering several times and the result was the same, great eye to scope alignment. Then I got to the range. You must remember I refrained from making any turret adjustments so I would be able to see how well the rings positioned my scope for barrel centerline. I removed the bolt, looked down the bore of the barrel, and positioned my target, I moved my head to look through the scope, expecting to see that my crosshairs needed to be moved more that I would like to see (I like to keep scopes as close to center as possible). I was amazed to find that the rings were so precisely made that the crosshairs were only 1 inch right and low .5 inch. I didn’t think that was possible and double checked that I hadn’t moved the rifle. Everything was good! I reinstalled the bolt and loaded three rounds in the rifle. My first shots through this rifle supported my findings exactly. I made a 1 mil up and .5 mil left adjustment and hit the 1″ sticky dot. I have never had a shooting system like this before! This group of parts came together like they had been together in another life. I will never expect this to happen again, at least not until I buy my next Weatherby! Mike C.

  8. Crow

    These one piece scope mounts are the best! I like them better than any of the others I have.

  9. Charliem325

    Clean, simple and sturdy. These replace the more common base and ring set up. Eliminating one item from the tolerance stack up. Simply put, these are the way to go.

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